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    The Semicolon; That's Right, I'm Reviewing a Punctuation Mark

    Semicolons are awesome. I don't think they're underused though, I just think they're something most writers avoid. And I think that's potentially prudent. A lot of people (myself included, when I first incorporated semicolons into my writing) misuse them immensely. Granted, a lot of things in...
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    Your favorite Game company and why??

    Blizzard for quality.
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    Poll: December 21,2012. What do you think will happen?

    Nothing. I also didn't vote on your poll, as it's not superstition, it's naivete and idiocy.
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    174: What if the Player is Black?

    Neat article, although I prefer 'black' to what I see as the anally-pc 'African American.' I realize it's more sensitive, but it's contrary to logic in some scenarios. Like if you met a black Briton; he wouldn't be American, would he?
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    Poll: Character Creation

    My main is generally based on me, and my other characters are usually different parts of my personality made manifest. I also love novelty characters to mess around with or troll on, particularly those with really lame jokes and things for names; the irony amuses me. On a related note, I'm...
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    Poll: What happened to the War in WarCraft?

    I assumed all the friendly relations were done to foreshadow a future alliance between the two parties. I see World of Warcraft eventually having its playerbase dwindle, and Blizzard foreseeing that and planning to merge the Alliance and the Horde; to renew interest for what would be the final time.
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    Is it just me or did they add boobies to Red Alert 3?

    I'm probably not going to get RA3, mainly because I think it's too absurd now. The humor was good in the first two games, but the units were at least still serious. Now there are flying Japanese schoolgirl psi troopers. I dunno, I just see the novelty and amusement wearing off quickly, then...
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    SPORE, don't believe the hype. (spoilers)

    This review exudes quality.
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    Poll: Uwe Boll Poll

    My feelings for Uwe Boll are pretty eh. I was actually talking about him with recently some friend, and my opinion of him is pretty jaded. To be honest, I have really low expectations for video game to film conversions, so I'm not disappointed by anything he's done. Although he's certainly not...
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    Should Eleven Year-Olds Play on Xbox Live?

    Personally, I don't think the kids should be sheltered. I might give my own complete freedom - the Internet can serve as a simulation of the world, and could certainly aid in one's development as a person. That said, I do understand the more conservative viewpoint. If I had child, and had a...
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    All Hail The PC: Console Gaming Is Dead

    While I'm a PC gamer and agree with Yahtzee's assertion of the 'PC gamer master race', I don't see consoles dying anytime soon. I guess St. John is implying portables will be more popular in the future, and may potentially overshadow consoles. Still, I see an open market for both.
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    Mythic Comments on Warhammer Credit Crisis

    Jacobs seems like a twat to me. While I understand to some extent, honestly - how difficult is it to credit the people who helped you make your game?
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    Warhammer Workers Not Credited

    I don't understand what motives Mythic/EA could possibly have that could cause them not to cite the people who worked on the game. There's really nothing to gain from the action, except infamy.
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    Poll: Helping out a "noob"

    Like some other people in this thread, I like to differentiate between newb and n00b. A newb is just a new player to the game, that's getting acquainted with how to play and will generally get better over time. Newbs usually type decently and have some semblance of intelligence, despite still...
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    Games you wish you HADN'T bought...

    I regret getting some quasi-obscure RTS, Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps, without really researching it at all beforehand. I think I played the first mission or something, then I shelved it for eternity.