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    THQ Nordic is Teasing Two New Games That WIll Be Revealed at Gamescom

    A new Aquanox? Awesome! One of my favorite fictional universes of all time ever since Archemedian Dynasty.
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    Games with really good, truly satisfying melee combat?

    Dark Messiah of Might and Magic has awesome physics based fighting. Risen 1, 2 and 3 are also pretty satisfying once you get used to the system. Ex Anima is a fully physics based isometric RPG that can be loads of fun.
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    Ubisoft listened! Well... Kind of. (Skull and Bones gameplay)

    I simply don't agree here. The game has a story and a strong PvE element to it that you can play by yourself, but it relies on other players to do things like populate the markets act as your companions in large scale fights, or act as evenly matched enemies in certain game modes. That doesn't...
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    Ubisoft listened! Well... Kind of. (Skull and Bones gameplay)

    And some of us enjoy playing with others and are sick of getting blasted with this entitled outrage from people who think the games we like shouldn't be made for some reason. Try Rebel Galaxy, Blood and Gold, Man o' War Corsair, or Sea Dogs. There ARE single player ship games out there, they...
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    Ubisoft listened! Well... Kind of. (Skull and Bones gameplay)

    I play plenty of online games, and I play plenty of single player games. I don't usually have a problem with people on them. I mean you run into the occasional idiot, but if you have a problem with absolutely everyone the problem is most likely you.
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    Ubisoft listened! Well... Kind of. (Skull and Bones gameplay)

    There is a discord set up for the game where you can chat with some of the devs and community people. All these polemics about multiplayer being a deal breaker are silly, the advocacy for making it fully enjoyable for solo players is there, and you shouldn't...
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    Ubisoft listened! Well... Kind of. (Skull and Bones gameplay)

    The game will have a strong PvE component, and you will be able to play it by yourself. It's not the same as Black Wake or Sea of Thieves because you control your own ship, meaning you don't have to constantly have a team of people at your back to play at all. There is really no reason to...
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    CD Projekt Red Says Cyberpunk 2077 Files are Being Held for Ransom

    The irony is that the only reason this might hurt the game is because the people who like CDPR would actually seek this information out, instead of disregarding it to support the devs.
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    As someone who has loved all of Gothic and Risen I'm sure i will enjoy this game, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it being the next Skyrim. People always get their hopes up for Pyranha games and then they get a huge amount of hate when they aren't as good as everyone wanted them to be. If...
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    Valve Sets Steam Direct Publishing Fee at $100

    Aww crap, this is way too low, this won't stop the deluge of shit on Steam at all.
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    Would You Like A Sci-fi Element in Far Cry 5?

    I really liked the original Far Cry, I personally find monsters more interesting than animals that are only dangerous because they can survive 90 rounds from an assault rifle to the face.
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    Poll: Which is more deserve to be Called System shock Spritual successor? Prey or Bioshock?

    I don't think either game can really be called a spiritual successor to System Shock, because at the end of the day all the gameplay systems in the world can't make up for the fact that SHODAN is the thing that makes System Shock memorable above all else, and Portal has done more in the...
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    Let's Talk Top 5 RPG's

    Morrowind Gothic 2 Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines Fallout: New Vegas Deus Ex In no particular order.
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    Streamlining that you agree with

    The Skyrim leveling system was a huge improvement over the Oblivion leveling system, no matter what people say. The old system was incredibly flawed, because you basically gimped your character if you simply played the game without deliberately gaming the system. For example, you could attain a...