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    Nicolas Cage appreciation thread

    Nicholas Cage? You mean Fu Manchu.
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    The Humble Origin Bundle: 8 games redeemable on Origin

    At the end of the day you get all those games for $5. Does it really matter what EA's intentions are with this?
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    Update: PlayStation 4's Appearance Finally Unveiled

    It's been a pleasure MS.
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    Jimquisition: Emotions, Polygons, and Ellen Page

    That about sums up David Cage.
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    BioWare Says Farewell With Mass Effect 3: Citadel and Reckoning

    $15 for faffing about on the Citadel making social calls? No, thank you.
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    BioWare: Next Mass Effect Isn't Mass Effect 4

    In other words: "We ain't touching that (ME 1-3 storyline) with a ten foot pole again." What you get when you're under papa EA's roof.
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    BioWare Teases New Mass Effect 3 DLC

    I'll tell you what it means. EA wants the milking machine on ASAP. Get them udders ready.
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    Microsoft Studios Exec Cautions Valve on Launching Hardware

    Most people on Xbox Live make me cringe. I can only list a few decent people I met that didn't go crazy when they lost a game. I think this has more to do with terrible moderation on Microsoft's part. If the users knew the consequences of behaving in such a way they either wouldn't do it or get...
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    Microsoft Studios Exec Cautions Valve on Launching Hardware

    If you put your customers through bullshit like putting their personal data at risk, an annual subscription an gimmicky hardware then yes, you'll have hard times. Also, if you cause so much outrage within your user base by making up more useless shit along the way, then yes, you'll have hard...
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    One Last look at Mass Effect 3.

    This guy analyzed the whole series pretty well. I like his videos.
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    Mass Effect being blamed for Connecticut shooting.

    Fair chance of indoctrination. Seriously though as if the series isn't filled with enough problems as it is. And this claim is almost as stupid as ME 3's ending.
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    Consoles Are a "Massive Barrier" for Crysis 3 Development

    Then don't develop for the consoles. Problem solved.
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    Halo 4- I'll never buy another console game

    A 4GB Xbox 360 should be able to run any game without any restrictions. It's ultimately Microsoft's fault if those 4GB is insufficient for the required installation of content related to any game.
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    Psychohistory: Can it be Possible?

    The Reapers were right.
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    So, with ME3 Extended cut ending comming up...

    I'm interested to see whether the Indoctrination theory would prove to be valid.