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    Agent Carter Is Sprinting Toward the Finale

    Carter's fists, mostly. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Saw an interesting comment on how Peggy - despite using the same tactic constantly, and specifically making note of how the Russians were training girls in order to make use of that tactic at the beginning of the episode - fell prey to the...
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    TV shows that hooked you in from the first episode.

    There are a surprising number of shows where I didn't watch the first episode first, As other people above have already said, Leverage. It was gold from the start and never really stopped. That's about all I can think of, though.
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    Dreamworks vs Pixar!

    Both studios have made some very strong movies (for me: Incredibles, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo from Pixar, HTTYD, Shrek 2, Megamind from DreamWorks), both have made some solid ones. Probably roughly equal numbers of both of those. The main difference is that Pixar has done 14...
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    A Shadowy New Villain Menaces Agent Carter

    Phantom typewriters, shadowy background figures in suits and gray hats...we're sure this isn't actually a Fringe prequel? Totally sure? Anyway, I'm hopeful for the Winter Soldier and/or Black Widow tie-in with Leviathan. Seems like too good of an opportunity to miss, with a Soviet enemy in a...
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    Eggs of Ultron: What's Going on the New Avengers 2 Trailer

    Only tangentially related, but...
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    Here's Your First Ant-Man Trailer

    The bit in the trailer about second chances also felt rather self-aware, considering this movie was supposed to happen before Avengers 1...and feature the Ant-Man saying the line, not the Ant-Man needing to hear the line. I'm betting the Giant-Man thing happens at some point in the movie, at...
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    10 Golden-Age Marvel Allies We Could Meet in Agent Carter

    Really like the idea of the Winter Soldier being the Starks' killer and of fake-Cap as a Carter enemy (would probably have to be in a hypothetical second season in order to get full billing as a nemesis, since that would eat into a lot of time in an eight-part miniseries, and Agent Carter is...
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    Dr Who: Last Chritmass

    I'm a fan of Clara as a companion and I'm glad she's sticking around (and looking forward to hopefully getting away from the forced love-triangle-but-not-really-a-love-triangle dynamic in Series 8)...but seeing that ending, the rumors that Jenna Coleman almost didn't return for Series 9 and...
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    Poll: Korra is over, time for general retrospect and hindsight

    Book 1: Solid. Book 2: Didn't care enough to finish it, which is a pretty big deal for me - I always finish what I start. Book 3: Great. Book 4: Somewhere between solid and great - the villain plot was weak, but the character development plot was strong. I still wish Legend of Korra had...
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    Legend of Korra: A Fantastic Finale With a Perfect Ending

    This is a distinction that a lot of people just seem to be missing: no, they haven't been "a thing" in the background this whole time. If this is a confirmation (and, in my eyes, the parallels between that ending scene and the Aang/Katara kiss at the end of Last Airbender are infinitely too many...
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    You're probably the only fan of this.

    Everything Jasper Fforde does is great, really. Shades of Grey (if I ever had anyone to talk about it with I'd probably just end up going Game of Thrones with it and calling the series Road to High Saffron after the first book...which is easy enough to do, because there still isn't a second book...
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    Top Five Favourite Movies

    1. Princess Bride 2. Wreck-It Ralph 3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail 4. Captain America 2 5. The Incredibles Haven't really watched many movies in recent years that aren't Marvel or Disney, at least in theaters, so those are pretty much the only recent films on my list.
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    If your Marvel and you get the webhead back how do you introduce him?

    Had two different ideas, decided to combine them: 1) Make Peter Parker a "legacy" hero like Hank Pym's Ant-Man. He had his adventures, but he was never in the spotlight, and eventually he had to retire, leaving Spiderman to become a bit of an urban legend, if a popular one. Maybe have...
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    Watch The Rock Fight The Quake in First San Andreas Trailer

    Is anyone else going to reference Disaster!, the Universal Studios attraction/ride/green screen thing? The one featuring a fake earthquake disaster movie starring the Rock? Because it was the first thing I thought of, especially with the article's caption. I just find it funny that Johnson is...
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    Watch History Get Rebooted in Terminator Genisys Trailer

    It looks fun. Don't know that I'll see it in theaters, but that's a pretty high bar for me, so that's not necessarily a slight. (Also, small bit of commentary about things this trailer and the Jurassic World trailer have in common: nostalgia pandering with music is perfectly okay when that...