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    Lament For The Fallen (Banned)

    I'm a few and far between poster and even I remember Demented Teddy- and yes, he was. MaxTheReaper was one of the first "forum celebrities" I remember when I joined. Oh well.
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    The UK Top Ten Review: 27/05/12

    I'd rather stab a needle into both my eardrums than listen to either... But guys, without the Top 40 charts the populace wouldn't get their weekly dose of Nicki Minaj... I hate the public music taste.
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    Fans Protest Tera's Censorship

    I think the main issue is the fact that the US is completely uncensored with regards to blood whereas the EU has been censored pretty heavily. From what I understand it's to do with the distributors/ managers of the projects for each of the regions. Enmasse are responsible for the NA servers...
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    Jimquisition: Fight in the Name of Childishness

    Pretty sure I can't call myself mature anymore after laughing at his raspberry-ing at the end... His little dance just made me laugh. OT some very good points raised however I think that there are some mature audiences out there who do not listen to the idiots who rally against gaming...
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    Movies you love but everyone hates

    I also genuinely liked The Spirit. It was a far funnier film that didn't take itself too seriously (the presence of Samuel L Jackson does help it significantly though). Speed Racer is another bloody great film that I don't think gets the recognition it deserves- it seems that in the UK...
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    Any PC DC Universe online players here?

    Just wondering if anybody on the hallowed coding of the Escapist has been playing the PC version of the DCU MMO that was released earlier this month. I've been debating picking it up but I'm currently very undecided. Is it worth it?
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    New Zodiac Signs. Apparently people care about it.

    I'm now an Ophiuchus? What is this I don't even... From the site "Ophiuchus" means "serpent-bearer" in Greek" ;D But seriously, I've always thought that stuff like Zodiac and the planets influence on moods and stuff is a load of phooey. If you ever read a horoscope the damn...
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    Poll: The New Decade!

    But it is the year 2011? Two thousand and eleven in number. Why should we say twenty-eleven? Yes I am aware we say nineteen ninety when referring 1990 but for some reason saying twenty-x as a representative of this century sounds odd to me.
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    Enjoy Classic Books as Novel Posters

    You forgot to mention the $40 shipping cost to get it over to the UK :P But that's my best mates christmas present sorted!
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    Black Cloud: [dead thread]

    "I'll scout ahead" Samaji said quietly, activating his cloaking device as he ran away from CJ, A3 and The Warden. He ran along the corridor, double checking everything was clear. The giant construct of Amistad was eerily quiet when the machine wasn't attempting to kill you. He waited for a...
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    Black Cloud: [dead thread]

    Samaji leapt over the rooftops of the low buildings towards the docks, barely a shadow in the dark. He leapt off and landed beside the group who had assembled so far. "Evening everyone." He said flatly, as if he'd been standing there at all times.
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    Black Cloud: [dead thread]

    Samaji leapt down from the shelves, landing with barely a sound. "I made them myself. Never really needed nor had the space to carry swords or the like with what I used to do on the homeworld. So I had to make something that was easily transportable and deadly. A few weeks on the drawing board...
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    Black Cloud: [dead thread]

    Samaji wandered around the armoury with disinterest, feeling that he couldn't improve on what he already used. He maintained that feeling until he came upon a device that seemed to have a cloaking capability. He activated the device, seeing how far it's cloaking power extended. He had...
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    Black Cloud: [dead thread]

    "That's not fair!" Samaji protested as he was placed back down. "Abusing your height advantages...condescending mother..." Samaji's voiced trailed off as he looked around at everybody. "So, how's everybody been?" He asked, innocently enough, despite taking in all the differences in people's...
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    Black Cloud: [dead thread]

    Samaji was sprinting through the streets, rushing to find the meeting spot. After a few minutes he stopped outside the door, waiting for Grash to allow him entry. A few minutes past before his impatience caught up with him. Leaping over the barrack fence that was nearby he soon found an open...