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    We are Monsters (Open)

    Some say monsters are just works of fiction, creatures invented by people to justify their sad little lives and give themselves some sort of meaning. Little do they know, monsters are real. They hunt in the dark and light, taking people and consuming them, dragging them into the darkness and...
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    RWBY has begun

    1. Because buying legally is for people who aren't evil. Also he is a publicly known gangster, so he is probably on the Dust buying blacklist. 2. Roman Torchwick, they said so during the news program, right before they mentioned the White Fang. 3. Probably the leader, but it is the first...
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    RWBY has begun

    Well Roman Torchwick (creepy badguy) is suppose to be a leader of a powerful criminal gang, so it doesn't go beyond reason that he might have a few helicopters flying for him. Plus if a hunter or huntress showed up to take him down then it is probably a good idea to have a get away they can't...
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    RWBY has begun

    Well until we see them take math classes I don't feel it is fair to call Beacon Academy a High school. It is more like a College for people wanting to become monster hunters. It just so happens that Ruby skipped ahead, but most people appear to be in a 17-18 age range.
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    Poll: Homestuck the Musical A little fan project trying to do exactly what is says on the tin. A lot of the songs are really good (to me at least) and these people definitely have talent. Their main base is the Homestuck forums and they are always...
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    Newest Trailer for RWBY Black

    Just for people who have never heard of this series before to give a little insight 1. The characters aren't based around their Fairy Tale personas as mentioned by the Monty many times during podcast interviews. Yes the looks and names are obvious, but they don't follow the same ideas the...
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    RWBY "White" Trailer

    Have to say I really enjoy the trailers so far. Looking forward to the series proper but until then the combination of badass weapons and interesting fights will tide me over. Serious Gunscythe? How has no one ever thought of that before?
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    Favourite Book series?

    Dark Hunters and or Chronicles of Nick. No real explanation other then I find the writing fun and it is a cool concept for a series.
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    Poll: Would you mind if Dark Souls had an easy mode

    I wouldn't really mind. The Developers need money in order to make these games. And if they need to add an easy mode then they have to do what they have to do. Besides just cancel out xbox live link ups and make enemies easier to kill. You don't have to make the whole game wimpy.