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    Video Game Hell

    Video game hell. When the last collectable is bugged, and you just sit there endlessly trying to un-bug it or endlessly re-checking every other collectable location just in case you already got this one and you are wrong. But you will never get it.
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    EA has Merged Mass Effect Studio Bioware Montreal with EA Motive

    I'm pretty sure the first step of Bioware's death was selling themselves to EA in the first place.
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    Bioware Says Anthem is "Science Fantasy" Like Star Wars, Not Hardcore Sci-Fi

    The fact that they are planning any game specifically for franchise is why EA is just bad. You make one good stand alone game, then if it's actually good you go for the franchise. Someone needs beat the EA's CEO upside the head with something imprinted with that on it, just so every time...
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    The Tales of... Games

    Vesperia was good. Zestria was meh. Berseria was great. That said if you don't like a main character that's super ***** demon who full on murders people. Berseria may not be for you. It differs from the normal goody goody save the world story that (as far as I am aware) all the other...
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    You Can't Retry Failed Missions in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

    Yeah, I'm also pretty sure this is exactly like the first game too. Whenever you die in Shadow of Mordor time fast forwards and all pending nemesis missions auto-complete. So it's impossible to repeat the same mission. I'm pretty sure this is only the case for nemesis missions in Shadow or...
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    Zero Punctuation: Injustice 2

    His last comment was pretty apt, since that's exactly what I did. For both Injustice 1 & 2, I just watched all the cinematics on youtube made into "movies".
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    So. Dragonball Super's Tournament Arc Twist (Spoilers)

    Yeah ... I watch super for the fight scenes, not the plot. Goku said he'd never kissed Chi Chi in Black saga despite having two kids... who the fuck is writing theses any more? So as long as Golden Freeza leads to better fights it fine.
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    Would you guys want to see a Doctor Doom game

    I also think an evil genius type game would work well with doom. You run a secret underground base in Latveria, you plan world domination, whilst recruiting various Marvel villains to help you, whilst researching and building traps to counter the various Marvel heroes the show up to stop you...
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    Pigs Fly, Hell Freezes Over, and The Last Guardian Goes Gold

    PewDiePie already has a pre-gold copy. SO it pretty much been confirmed since last week that is basically finished.
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    Regarding a certain popular theory about Jon Snow. (Possible Spoilers)

    Cersei also hates Tyrion because of the witches prophecy that she was going to die by the hand of her little brother. Which she always assumed was Tyrion, though technically even though they are twins Cersei came out first, so Jamie is also her little brother (that part of the prophecy was not...
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    Poll: The Escapist Debates; The Computer of Theseus

    When you change the primary HDD, then it becomes a new computer. The primary HDD (more specifically the OS installation) is the equivalent of the computers consciousness. It's like cyborgs, you can swap out as much as you like, but the brain is irreplaceable. If you change out the brain it's...
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    Poll: How Long Do You Play Videogames In One Session?

    Depends on the day. On work day I can only play like 3 or 4 hours realistically. On a weekend though potentially anywhere up to 12 hours. When I was unemployed between 18-20, I used to run a 12 hours of gaming 12 hours of sleep life style. Too bad I had to grow up and shit.
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    Poll: (NSFW Disccusion) Western or eastern hentai

    Eastern. Favourite artist would be Gunma Kisaragi or Shiwasu No Okina. A lot of Gunma Kisaragi works are incest and a lot of Shiwasu No Okina works are rape, but that just stereotypical Japan for you. Doesn't stop their drawing styles from being awesome.
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    Poll: Realism vs player's convenience.

    Realism is just a sub point of immersion. If the realism is just going to hurt immersion rather than enhance it, then it is defeating it's entire purpose. In Uncharted for example if the main character was dying every other jump because he was running out of "grip" (or whatever) that would...
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    If it rained in RL as much as it does in Witcher 3...

    You did know that rain is already existing water drawn back up into the atmosphere are rained back down? It is not newly created water, if it were then your logic would be valid.