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    what game world you like to live in?

    Skyrim might be a fun place to hang out. Also becoming an Aug in Deus Ex might be awesome, in fact put me in pretty much any Cyberpunk game. And if I can be a Vampire and pick my clan, then pop me right in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.
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    Virtual Horror Houses of 2012!

    I still haven't played System Shock, Maybe I'll give that a spin.
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    Virtual Horror Houses of 2012!

    So, it's Halloween for us westerners, and for me that means playing some of my favorite horror games, usually into the early morning, without any lights on. So far this month I've spent a lot of time in these games: Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth...
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    What is your GOTY so far?

    I haven't played Dishonored yet, but based on the reviews I'm betting that will end up being the one... However, at the moment I'd say Guild Wars 2. I have never been that big of a fan of MMOs, I love the concept but usually can't stand the very unfriendly mechanics (in that helping people...
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    Games that devolved into absurdity.

    I'd suggest getting the bad ending for Silent Hill 1, makes the whole thing make a lot more sense.
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    Who here brought, or is buying a Vita?

    WARNING: DO NOT BUY IT YET! I bought one a bit ago because I believed the hype and mostly wanted something to play PS1 games on the go with. I really wish I had gotten a tablet instead. There are almost no good games (aside from PSP games, which I could have played on a much cheaper PSP, and...
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    GTA IV is the Worst Games I've Ever Played

    You sir, are small-animal-torturing, tiny-clown-hat-wearing INSANE. Should probably get that checked out.
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    Gogogic CEO Says Single-Player is a "Gimmick"

    What a fucking moron.
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    Games that devolved into absurdity.

    I feel like it was always pretty silly, as I recall 1 was pretty damn over the top. That said, I would also describe 3 as entering into "Charlie Sheen territory". OT: The second I reached the end of title of the post I instantly thought: Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit... It was a pretty cool...
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    Justice League movie, who could play who?

    This is insane. So former-Superman should play Batman, and current-Green Lantern should play the Flash? Fuck man. Are you trying to confuse the children this movie is being made for?
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    Justice League movie, who could play who?

    Just to fuck with comic fans minds: SAM JACKSON AS MARTIAN MAN HUNTER! Also, why the fuck are you debating Green Lantern? While the movie wasn't that successful odds are that it's going to be Ryan Renolds, in fact I think it would be a stupid move not to do that. And if they're smart they'll...
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    Your Most Harrowing Boss Fight In Gaming

    Dagon in Call of Cthulhu. I mean you're fighting a fucking god, shit is impossible.
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    you wake up in the morning, and it's been announced that in american women have lost voting rights

    Depends, if there's ever a moment where I can really see us fighting a fight that matters and standing a chance to win but for a few bodies... You can bet I'd be wherever it took doing whatever it took to ensure that this blatant class warfare came to an end. That said I'm not going to try...
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    Are you getting Black Ops 2?

    Lord no. Mind you I haven't played Call of Duty since 2 (some might say the last one with a soul, also, I mean just 2, not MW2, or whatever the fuck). The only mutliplayer gun-wank game I respect is Battlefield, and for good fucking reason as they are insane, other than that I think I'd...
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    How can Handheld gaming come back from the brink?

    Handheld gaming is stronger than ever, just not with handheld consoles. Droids and tablets are the future of handheld gaming. Quite frankly at this point, when we can easily have a fully featured touch-screen based computer that can run games and fit comfortably in your pocket why would you...