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    Tropes you are tired of.

    You are really not using the best examples here. Did you finish Dragon's Dogma? If you did, you would have learned what dragons really are, and they are far more interesting and original then just giant incarnations of evil. In Dragon Age, yeah Origins has the Archdemon for a boss, but...
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    Geek Remix: Sera Is Special

    I honestly hate the "Sera is special" theories because they all completely negate her character. Sera is all about bringing "special" people down. Nobles, the wealthy, diplomats, generals. The player character, even by extension the player themself. The more powerful and "important" someone...
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    Charlie Sheen, Whoopi Goldberg to Star in 9/11 Action-Drama

    So basically they are going to deliberately generate as much outrage as possible so that they don't have to publicize the film and many people will go to see it either out of a kind of horrified curiosity, like with a train wreck, or so that their criticisms of it are not invalidated by them not...
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    J.J. Abrams Says Gay Characters Are Coming to Star Wars

    A gay Rey would make your day? Hey, that's okay.
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    J.J. Abrams Says Gay Characters Are Coming to Star Wars

    I can't speak for that other bloke, but the difference with Juhanni is that her romance was chopped apart and torn out of the game because lucasarts wouldn't let BioWare put "the gay" into star wars.
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    Batman v Superman Goes Full Grimdark, Approves R-Rated Alternate Cut

    From chasing the Avenger's to chasing Deadpool. Real impressive.
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    Poll: Could there ever be such a thing as "ethical" mind control?

    Yes, the undesirables must be reprogrammed.
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    Konami Denies That Kojima Has Left, Says he is "on Vacation"

    And eating glue. And wanking onto the test paper, handing it in, then bursting into tears when the teacher gives them an F.
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    Meet Saya, an Ultra Realistic, Computer Generated Japanese Schoolgirl

    And of course it's a schoolgirl. Because Japan.
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    "Peeple" or "Yelp for humans" CEO on Dr. Phil [Update 2, 10/17/15]

    The only part of this that makes sense to me is the government funding it. Getting the NSA to spy on everyone is pretty expensive, after all. If you can get the general public to maintain a database on everybody else you can save so much money! Unfortunately for them, it will likely be 80%...
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    Fallout 4 Eliminates Skills From Character System

    Don't confuse complexity for depth. Complexity in and of itself is not something to strive for. It is only worthwhile when it brings depth. If complexity can be reduced without sacrificing depth, it absolutely should.
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    Whelp, there goes 40 or so hours in Awakening...

    This is why I have two saves per character in Awakening, one before the battle and one after it. Until I finish that character at least. Anyway, Severa is easy to recruit. Send flyers ahead of her and if she is getting too far ahead use a rescue staff.
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    Steam To Get Steamy With an Uncensored Yuri Game - Update

    So this thing is "Yuri Shipping: The Game"? Why have I not heard of it before?
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    Five Reasons 'Binge-Watching' Is Bad For Us

    How the fuck do I get in on this?
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    Fallout 4 Snags Game Critics Awards' Best of Show Honor

    Im looking forward to Fallout 4 as much as anyone, but can we stop awarding unreleased games? Seriously, how did this become a thing? It feels like a modern AAA game has more awards before release then a great, classic AAA game from 15 years ago would 5 years after release.