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    8 Video Game Glitches Which Leave You Laughing

    No love for newLegacyinc? For shame.
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    Need Suggestions: Webcomics

    Standard recommendations: *El Goonish Shive [] *Whomp! [] *Nedroid [] *Grrl Power [] *Rival Angels [] *Supernormal Step [] In-Depth...
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    Australians May Get The New Nintendo 3DS First, on November 21

    It's Australia, price gouging is expected.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Sorry to Interrupt

    It's also also not what was said. It's actually interception (stopping something from proceeding or arriving), which does work, if clumsily.
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    New Escapist content

    I remember hearing in the podcat (spelling intentional) that staff get together over lunch to play board games or MTG or whatever. What about a weekly Let's Play session? Users could vote on the game, and the staff could play to completion (or reasonable amount) for our amusement!
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    Feed Dump: Jerkin' It to Woods Porn

    If the guy making it [] says it's a hat, who am I to argue?
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    The great sex and sexuality questionnaire! (Will probably get NSFW)

    Finally, something easy! 1) Male 2/3/4/5) N/A Hooray!
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    Feed Dump: Dead Body Accidentally Thrown Away

    What did you expect from a shade that's "heaps free"? It's cheaper than a "hella free" shade, and therefore less effective.
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    Books: can you recomend any Sci Fi with "Feeeeeeeemales" in it?

    On a similar note; the Crystal Singer series, by McCaffery ("The Crystal Singer", "Killashandra", "Crystal Line") and the Planet Pirates trilogy (which is a collaboration between Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Moon, and Jody Lynn Nye). These specific books play a large part in my interest in sci-fi...
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    Favorite individual song lyric

    I've got a couple. In order: --- It's hard sometimes to get proper context from a single line. There are cases where the build-up it's what makes a lyric better. And the OP said a few lines was okay. :P
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    World of Warcraft Player Reaches Level 90 Without Choosing a Faction

    Escapist says yes: So it's really "WoW Player reaches new level cap with existing character." That's much less impressive. :P
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    Artist Creates Horror Books for Children in Dr. Seuss Style

    It's Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" [] series. As for the specific reference, I believe it's Book 1: The Gunslinger, when Roland and Jake are facing the slow mutants while following the man in black.
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    Subs over Dubs: Which Anime turned you into a 'Purist'?

    Dragon Ball. I lasted around 5 minutes, then switched back. If there's a option to do both, I'll take it, but the audio's always going to be dubs for me.
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    Loadout's Australian and South American Servers Shut Down

    Nope. Cable broadband. One of the better plans available too, apparently.
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    Loadout's Australian and South American Servers Shut Down

    I'd like to know how people are managing 200-300ms online, frankly. The rare times I play online I'm surprised to see anything under 1500. 65000 is my record. :P