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    How many glitches are too many?

    A game like Fallout: New vegas is one that shouldn't have even made it out of the gates. The game is just straight up broken. Graphics glitches on people/corpses straight up freak me the fuck out. Played New Vegas for about half an hour, saw a boat fly thing get stuck in the ground and was...
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    Anyone know of some fun free games?

    League of legends :D Can't go wrong with that game!
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    Should you feel guilty for eating meat?

    I think I'll let Mufasa tell you my thoughts on the matter...
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    Stupid teachers.

    I thought I had a terrible Geography teacher back in High school. All he would do was talk about his family and random other things that had nothing to do with Geography. Everyone would makes joke about how his class was so easy as hardly any work ever got done. Turns out everyone in his...
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    2012 Summer Olympics: The Thread

    Ah, didn't think of it like that. On the flip side with non British not getting it, at least for once we did something to make the actual British public happy instead of pandering to every other country.
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    2012 Summer Olympics: The Thread

    I thought it was fantastic. I was expecting something horrible, but we really delivered for once. I actually sat and watched the entire thing, with a little bit of patriotic fire burning in my heart. I have never been more proud to be British than I was during that. We pulled it off well...
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    Unintentionally hilarious glitches!!

    That 'spaghetti corpse glitch' is the reason I never played New Vegas or Fallout 3 for more than a few hours, despite loving the game. I /hate/ graphics glitches that like. Gives me nightmares :(
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    Playing games alone...

    I don't have many friends, so I play pretty much everything alone. Sure, it'd be nice to have some people to explore new games with, but whatever. I'm a lone wolf. Live alone, die alone. LONE WOLF.
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    That one game you want to be announced.

    Final fantasy 7 Re-make. Skies of Arcadia 2. A decent RPG that isn't all 'HEY LOOK AT DESE GRAFICS OH AND HEY NO TUURN BASED COMBATZ JUST SLAM DA A BUTTON DOWN FAST AND WIN EVERYFIN!' Captcha - Win hands down. Say's it all I think ;D
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    Post the best video game music ever FF7 boss music all the way!
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    Could you turn the subtitles on, please?

    I have them on all the time due to sometimes not being able to have the sound on loud, or simply because some voice actors mumble and I miss something important. Games that don't have them annoy the crap out of me. Especially God of War. No subtitles in that game yet they feel the need to...
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    Need tips of movies like these. - Condemned Think it's on Netflix instant if you have that.
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    If you lived in the Pokemon world what would you do?

    What would I do if I lived in the Pokemon world? Misty.
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    Hope you weren't too excited about that Elder Scrolls MMO

    I played for a month, and you're not wrong. Force jumping into combat froze my screen, trying to mount on the space station was suicide due to massive lag, and things just generally not feeling as 'smooth' as Warcraft does. I wanted to love the game, I really did, but it just ran like shit.
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    Browncoats Drive New Firefly Lego Set Toward Production - UPDATED

    Lego said no. /sadface Edit: Should have read the first page properly, haha.