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    The best retro nintendo console ?

    what do you think is the best retro nintendo console? looks the best? the best games? best controllers? remember most as a child? NES SNES N64 game cube (does this count as retro?)
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    Image Rotation

    Does anyone know a tablet image viewer that can easily rotate an image 90 or 180 degrees? I know it can be done using Astro image viewer but this viewer is not my preferred option as the images (instructions in jpg format as snapped by a camera) aren't readable. They're very...
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    not connecting

    hello all little problem im trying to restore my jailbroken ipad 2 but its not reading itunes when i plug it in i tried just about everything from rebooting, to dfu mode , uninstalling itunes, to checking the usb ports, to erase all content and setting (just freezes), updateing...
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    2011 Billboard Top 100 Review: #19-15

    Looking forward........
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    Power Trouble starting desktop

    System Info: MSI (Micro Star) 880GM-E41, Memory Type: 4 x 2GB DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-12800, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 (non-ECC), AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor (be) with the cooler on it, ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series with fan and 900 watt power supply. My problems are this. When...
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    Web browsers and the Escapist

    Firefox is pretty good You can try
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    What Games are you playing now??

    1) What games are you playing now? Name 3 games? 2) Any highly recommendation games you want to recommend to everyone over here? Name it all, lol!! Thanks
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    The person above me secretly wishes for....

    Wishes world peace............. OMG
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    Escapist Community User Review Index {Video Games}

    Thank you for the contributions USEFUL
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    Favorite Zelda Game?

    I just recently beat Skyward Sword. There was a lot of hype over the game, some claiming that the game was better than the hallowed "Ocarina of Time". From my experience with Skyward Sword, I have to agree with them. I thought the game was brilliant and took the Wii controls...
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    RTS Games With a Good Story?

    Eur.. I've nothing to say But thanks
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    PVP in SWOTR

    PVP in SWOTR Hello, I would like you to ask how does the pvp in this game look like (on pvp server). I am currently looking for some game with nice pvp, and never tried SWTOR. Is it worth to play this game till lvl 50 for the storyline and then for pvp?
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    Aim-Down-Sight is unnecessary for realism

    Actually Your eyes aren't far enough apart for that.
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    You are thinking of Battle Royale. Well I remember all my games mostly because I still have them .so I can play at anytime and remind what I forgot.
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    Old Games you love playing but can't remember the name

    I was thinking eariler about all the games i used to play and one came to mind that i used to love, but i cannot remember what it was. so I wondered if anyone else gets this same memory issue and who knows Might end up finding some classics we forgot long ago. My one love is a PC game It was...