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    The Big Picture: Favorite Ms. Take - Part 2

    Goddamn. I've been with this show since the beginning, and this is the first time I've actually thought, "You know, comics really are WEIRD."
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    You Now Have To Eat The Last Thing You Killed In a Videogame

    Well, you died hitting the earth, so... eat the earth. Now.
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    You Now Have To Eat The Last Thing You Killed In a Videogame

    How do I eat a spaceship? From Steel Storm, if you were wondering.
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    Which game/s do you think have the best music, and why?

    Can I say Rock Band 3?
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    Most depressing movie you ever saw

    Dear Zachary. Watch it, cry, despair.
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    I need Melancholy music

    The Cure's Disintegration album has so many of these songs, with long instrumental intros that you should be able to edit to your needs.
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    Last album you listened from start to finish

    <img src=> Operation: Mindcrime by Queensryche. Obtained it on Saturday and listened to it immediately after. I was on the reddits while doing so, so I couldn't fully grasp the...
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    What's Wrong with the new Star Wars?

    Do you have 4 hours to spare? That's what's wrong.
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    The Boss Deserved Better

    It's a list of characters that defined a decade. If Master Chief and The Boss were in a lineup, the majority of people--not just gamers--would probably recognize Chief over Boss. It's all about image when talking about who defined a decade--see Extra Credits on Approachability. That's why Mario...
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    Daily Drop: Ground Coffee

    Gotta admit, this one was a pretty bad idea for the Daily Drop. It's been stuff that breaks fairly easily--a packet of coffee grounds is not that. :/
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    So, i'm learning guitar.

    The quicker you can master Power Chords the better. I've learned so many songs that are just power chords but sound so satisfying. Also: practice every single time, and play all the day. If you just get used to playing, things'll come.
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    Your first ever live concert experience?

    I think my parents took me to a Rafi concert way back when, so that. First I remember being excited about? Barenaked Ladies, Everything to Everyone tour, 2003. Fuckin' A.
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    X-Men Director: Superhero Movies Are Dying

    What about regular action movies? Dramas? Hell, romantic comedies? It's like the claims that the rhythm game game genre is oversaturated. Look at the other genres--sport and FPS games are everywhere. The only problem superhero movies are facing is a dearth of source material.
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    Is this such a big deal?

    I've known two kids with autism, and both times I thought they were just a little odd, like kids can sometimes be. I was good friends with one (the other was on a panel of dairy farmers... it's a long story), and when it was explained to me that he had autism I was shocked. That's autism? Huh...
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    Want to be scared? Watch this alone...

    Kinda catchy. Don't understand why everyone's treating it like the spawn of satan.