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    #001 - Twice Daily

    So it's a parallel universe Erin suffering a similar/identical malady with offbrand characters? Sure, I guess. I'm down. I've got an opening for a comic that might offer some insight or remark on either delusion or depression, so why not. One question, though: other than the figments of her...
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    The Big Picture: Secret Crisis

    I'm a little annoyed by all the hype surrounding this event, really. Mostly because I'm kinda afraid I'll be spoiled on who dies and who gets a starring new role since I'm a little behind (I'm still catching up on Original Sin). Beyond that, I get the premise. It's supposed to be a helping point...
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    Your all-time favorite DLC

    What I like from DLC is when it offers something new. When it just adds more of the same, it's fine, but it tends not to make my appreciation for the game go up. But there are a few notables. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West brought us Pigsy's Perfect 10, which took a side character and flushed...
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    South Park Parodies Let's Play and PewDiePie

    The episode was interesting, but I feel like they're focusing too much on the ludicrous end of Let's Plays, and not the informative or comedic commentary/skill based LP. Usually they provide great examples of both ends of the reasons something is popular, but not so in this case. Though, with...
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    Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Musical Trailer released

    My only complaint is that it's weird to not be The Boss President of the United States. I mean, I frakking love the Saints. In all of their adventures. I'm not as big a fan of the sheer volume of DLC that's all accessories (DLC should be for expansions, like this, in my mind), but I still love...
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    No Right Answer: Best Mel Brooks Movie

    Blazing Saddles is probably the one that will endure the most, but this is like comparing Monty Python sketches and trying to decide the clear winner. Spaceballs was a topical parody of something as near-universal as Star Wars. Men in Tights is the best take on Robin Hood there's ever been. The...
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    Reality Bites

    For what it's worth, I'm probably going to continue to read CM regardless of which direction it takes. I genuinely like both of those formats. As long as you don't pull some Ctrl+Alt+Del bullshit and yank the entire character arc out from under us at a critical juncture, I'll probably stick...
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    Game Theory: Is Link's Quest in Majora's Mask Pointless?

    I like this show, but I think this is a case of overthinking it, of trying to justify two disparate things with only one idea. A possessed hunk of rock the size of a small town held aloft by magic and giant mobile limbs clearly is not the same as an actual moon.
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    The Big Picture: Real Cutie - Manga Turned Live Action

    You know, sometimes I think American Cinema just can't keep up. Between Japan going balls out with things like this and the action/music/color/character packed Bollywood offerings like Dhoom 3, I just...Man we have a ways to go. That was so appealing I couldn't imagine not sitting down to watch...
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    The Big Picture: Who Was That At The End of Guardians of the Galaxy?

    Howard the fraking Duck. I was expecting something else with the Collector, some setup for some Post Avengers 2 stuff. Nope. I got Howard. The. Fraking. Duck. How about after the HtD movie episode, you talk about Adam Warlock, and prep us all for something a few years away.
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    Lucy Goosey

    That tag, though. Damn. And a little late to the party to hate on Noah, aren't we? I mean, it was hardly good, terribly paced, and kinda awkward outside of that really beautiful creation sequence, but still. I guess it's not too late to get some kicks in while it's still down.
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    Marvel Announces THIRD Untitled Mystery Movie For 2018

    I just want a Ms Marvel movie. They could announce Moon Knight, a character I couldn't give less of a shit about, and I'd still see it if they said either Carol Danvers or Ms Marvel would be in it. It's almost entirely all I want at this point. If they wanted to be really nice to me, they could...
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    Zero Punctuation: EarthBound - Not Your Typical JRPG

    Yahtzee just reviewed Earthbound. Pardon me a moment while I resize my eyes back down to proper proportions. Though, speaking as a guy with a frakin' Starman emblem tattoo, be wary--here there be grind. Moreso in Mother 1, and only in select places in Mother 3 (until you get the defense up/power...
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    Ocarina of Time's Sheik, Darunia, Ruto Playable in Hyrule Warriors - Update

    Darunia? Awesome, I've been wanting more time as a Goron. I'm a little meh on Ruto, though Sheik could be a bit of fun, if the Smash Bros games have any reference on her attack style. Definitely looking forward to this game more and more.
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    Tumblr Convention "Disaster" Unfolds at Illinois' DashCon

    Wait. What the heck are "Homestuck gang-signs"? I mean, I know Homestuck, but what are the gang signs?