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    Valve Gets a Real-Life Portal Turret

    This would be an awesome greeter! Probably never could afford it, but it would make one sweet birthday present!
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    Have you ever bought a game multiple times?

    I almost never buy games twice, since I don't want to pay for an experience I already had. The only games I bought double was when it was announced that Mass Effect 3 used Origin. Since I didn't want to have the program on my PC I rebought ME 1 & 2 for the Xbox360..
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    Most ridiculously adictive games you've ever played... especially stupid ones!

    I still play Phage Wars by Armor Games and have been for over a year, very addictive. And Achievement Unlocked.. first time had me fall off my chair for giving an achievement for looking at the intro.. XD
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    Post your favourite gaming wallpapers

    Been using this one for a long time now, makes me smile every time I look at it..
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    Poll: Fallout 4, would you buy it?

    I loved Fallout 3 and it was my first introduction to the game and universe. Can't say how many times I've sang along with most numbers while travelling. I liked New Vegas, although I had the idea Vegas itself was a bit small, but still had a lot of fun with the game. I'd definetely buy a...
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    Increasing pixel-size

    Hey, thanks for trying to help out. After a long and extensive search, I managed to use a trial version of Photoshop to increase the image size. I doubt it added a lot of pixels, but the image doesn't look that bad enlarged. So thanks again.
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    What brought you to the Escapist?

    I somehow found Doraleous and Associates somehow here. I really can't remember how I got to know of the show, but after watching various episodes I decided to sign up and check out the other shows. After that I stuck around for Unskippable, LRR and yes, also Zero Punctuation.
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    Favorite Miracle of Sound song?

    I like of lot of the songs they (or he) comes up with. Everyone is unique in his own kind. However, I really can't stop listening to Joker's Song. For me, it really captures the game in one song. And I really like the upbeat Wheatley's Song. The pre-video spoiler warning already left me...
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    Increasing pixel-size

    I don't know if this is in the right forum, otherwise feel free to move it to the right one =) Someone I know is trying to get an existing image on their website to serve as a banner. The image I provided for them, seems to have to few pixels for the site to accept it. As I don't upload the...
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    People will always do what they think is right. I work in healthcare with people who have had a cerebral infarct. They recieve medication which has been proven to reduce the chance of relapse to about 5% when taken in with care. I can't count the number of times I have had discussions with...
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    Upcoming games you're excited about!

    I still have to buy ME 3 and Amalur (or however you spell it), so I'm looking forward to those. Still have to many games I haven't played yet. Also can't wait for Dota2, which should come out this year if I'm not mistaken?
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    Miracle of Sound: Nord Mead (Skyrim)

    Fantastic song! I couldn't stop laughing after seeing the throne room and the fountain at the mage's guilf filled with bottles! And Lydia in the room with the bowl was just priceless. Great stuff!
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    I'm Still Alive, and I Want You Gone.

    I love both the songs. I must say I immediatly loved Still Alive when I first heard it and played it over and over again, while Want you Gone had to grow on me. As independed songs I still believe Still Alive is gone, but as ending song to the independent games they are both very good.
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    FREE Steam codes

    Maybe not going to get rid of these but let's try: -25% Valve coupon -33% Valve coupon -50% Flight Control HD coupon PM me if interested.
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    Portal Fan Turns Computer Room Into Aperture Science Office

    Awesome room! Seeing something like this (and the bedroom someone made), makes me want to buy my own house and make my very own portal rooms =D. I'd walk in the room with a smile everytime. And this, great song! Added to fav's =)