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    Zero Punctuation: Nintendo Switch & Breath of the Wild

    The comment about getting it on WiiU seemed to have more to do with the fact that so far the Switch so far has precisely one good game to its name (namely Zelda), while the WiiU has a decent library. In other words, the standard "new consoles suck" jab with the "no backwards compatibility sucks"...
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    Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Maker

    I don't get why you're automatically attributing every bloody thing Nintendo does with Mario to desperation. His games sell by the truckload every time, so where the hell does desperation come into this? Miyamoto simply said "I wanna do a level editor", so he made a level editor. Or is the...
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    Is That Castlevania in Your Pocket?

    The problem I have with OoE is that it feels kind of stripped down. You're free to use spells and special attacks a lot more often than in the other games, but at the same time there are a lot fewer to chose from. In particular, there's only 3 versions of every weapon type, and 2 stages of every...
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    Jimquisition: EA & Ubisoft: A Cycle of Perpetration and Apology

    So, how many people is that now we have to thank god for? Jim, obviously, as well as Scarecrow, the Dragonborn and now the dog.
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    Jimquisition: How To Sell Games Without Being A Lying Dick

    And the more money you pour into th advertising, the more you have to lie in order to increase the hype
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    Jimquisition: Tomodachi Strife

    Just checked again and, yeah, unless I'm missing or misunderstanding something, this is how the whole thing went: - Nintendo releases the game with the gay marriage thing - The devs patch it away because it wasn't intentional - The press starts going on about Nintendo being against...
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    Jimquisition: Tomodachi Strife

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the "We didn't intend any social commentary" bit of the apology directed at people saying Nintendo is homophobic? Press: "Nintendo is against homosexuality!" Nintendo: "We did not intend to say any such thing"
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    Jimquisition: The Unholy Trinity Of Blind Greedy Bastards

    Me seeing the title of the episode: "soooooooo, EA, Activision and... uhm... Capcom/MS, maybe?" Me after seeing the episode "Ah, so it's games, not devs. Cod, Candy Crush and... what the hell is Clash of Clans?"
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    Zero Punctuation: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    As PRGs go, I'd still love you to play and review Xenoblade for the Wii. Sure you'd still probably hate on it because that's what you do, but at least you'd have other things to ***** about than with most other PRGs
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    Jimquisition: Jimquisition Awards 2013 - Ridiculous Fishing

    Looks like the Hyrule Warriors announcement made Jim lose his mind :p
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    Jimquisition: Jimquisition Awards 2013 - Horror of Outlast

    You know, maybe I would have been more surprised by your pick... if you didn't put the name in the title of the video. Just saying. Can't you leave the names out of the video titles until, say, friday or saturday and then put them in afterwards?
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    Jimquisition: Who "Won" The Next-Gen Launch?

    Does anyone else think handhelds are being unfairly excluded from this console war shenanigans? 'cause I'm pretty sure the 3DS has the best library out of the current gen systems right now.
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    Jimquisition: Cloak and Dagger

    We didn't actually get to see Jim in this episode, which makes me think he is still chained up in Scarecrow's basement and it was Scarecrow who made this one. THE VILLAINY!!!!
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    Zero Punctuation: The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker HD

    Alright, so with Wind Waker out of the way, how about we all turn to our trusty crystal balls and predict how Yahtzee's review of the next big Nintendo game for WiiU, i.e. Mario 3D World, will go. This is what mine tells me: 0 - some comments about the PS4 and Xbone doing better or worse...
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    Jimquisition: I'm Going To Murder Your Children

    I was going to write a few death and rape threats to Konami for making Castlevania Mirror of Fate multi platform, but how am I supposed to do that now? the prospect of seeing you with a dragon dildo is way too alluring. thanks for ruining my day, Jim