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    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Has Sold 4 Million Copies in Three Months

    Not sure why this game is so successful. It isn't very good.
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    Blizzard is Tweaking Overwatch Loot Boxes to Drop Less Duplicates

    Fewer, not less. Is there not an editor for this site?
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    New Razer Lancehead Mouse Offers "Tournament Grade" Wireless Performance

    What is meant by tournament grade? What makes it different from regular grade? Do these terms have meaning or are they just part of a sales pitch?
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    Cersei Lannister and the Shallow Politics of Game of Thrones

    I was wrong. The article is interesting. I couldn't watch the show past season 2 because stuff kept getting messed up. It's hard to translate something like this in to film unless you make it super long and, probably, very boring. They have to cut corners, and it makes the story weaker. That's...
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    Cersei Lannister and the Shallow Politics of Game of Thrones

    I'm not sure how we can call the show or the books mediocre. Can anyone think of a better medieval fantasy political series in either medium? Maybe that's just not what the author is in to?
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    The Boss Baby - Should've Been Killed in Utero

    Hell of a title for the article.
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    Best Selling Steam Games of 2016 Revealed

    It makes me sad that No Man's Sky is on this list. I wonder how refunds factor in, if they do at all.
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    New South Park: The Fractured But Whole Trailer Shows Off Superheroes and Powerful Farts

    Didn't see Mintberry Crunch in there...that's a concern
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    Game of Throne's Daenerys Will be in The Han Solo Movie

    The actress has a real name.
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    Tyranny - the Newest RPG from Obsidian - Now Has a Release Date

    Don't preorder this! Obsidian can't release anything that isn't a buggy mess. Wait until it has been out long enough to go on sale and save yourself money and annoyance.
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    Sony Refund Policy Criticized Following No Man's Sky Launch

    Also, they ask you questions about why you are asking for a refund. Words mean things, article writer.
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    Starbound Release Date Finally Set

    Wow! It has only taken them 4 years for Terraria in space!
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    Nintendo Addresses "Misinterpreted" Watergate Joke in Paper Mario: Color Splash

    Wow she's even more of a bad person than I thought.
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    This Game of Thrones Tattoo Gallery Makes me Want More Ink

    The guy with all the animals forgot the kraken. Don't sleep on the Greyjoys.
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    Wow this was a funny clever comic. Super rare on here, so I enjoyed it!