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    League of Legends player posts revenge porn of girlfriend because she used an overpowered character

    It really does seem that the Guy falls somewhere in the Autism spectrum, I mean a sociopath is aware that what they're doing is morally wrong etc. but someone with aspergers (I'm being very generally broad with this so apologies to anyone who does have aspergers)/autism can in some cases be...
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    The Big Picture: Celebritoons

    Oh god, that Hammerman intro was physically painful...and 11 year old me ate that shit up. I need to time travel now and smack some sense into myself.
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    Why Are You Buying a Console?

    None, all the games I want to play in the next few years are coming out for PC, and I'd much rather spend 250.00 on a decent video card upgrade.
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    Jimquisition: Why An Always-On DRM Console Would Be Dumb Dumb Dumb

    And this is why I'm pretty much done with the Console market, what games I do want to play are 99% of the time out on PC or for my Tablet, I don't care about the Madden X Year games or the FPS CODBFOMGWFTBBQ that's released every year. The 3 most anticipated games for me coming out within the...
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    Disney Closes LucasArts

    They didn't make KotOR that was Bioware, they just nodded and said "go forth and make us money". But I'm sure Disney will still control the IP's until the either decide to sell them or whore them out to game studio x.
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    How do you define your nationality?

    Canadian and damn proud! I'm way too much of a euro-mutt to define myself with any other heritage.
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    Any Other LGBT Gamers Here?

    Not any of the above but a huge supporter of LGBT rights and freedoms, oh and my girlfriend is transgender. On a Tangential and this really applies to Trans-peoples on the site but for your interest Canada just passed Bill C-279 which makes it illegal to discriminate against transgender...
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    Could You Date A Transexual?

    People are still people, each of us deserving, love, security, compassion and a need to share life with someone special. What happens between two consenting adults is all perfectly fine as long as there is nothing harmful or illegal to either themselves or each other. So yes, I'd date a...
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    Teens Sedate Parents For Net Access

    Man, the worst I ever did when I was 16 was stay out at an all night coffee shop playing D&D...granted This was pre-interwebs so who knows what I'd have done if deprived of my drug of choice. Which brings up an interesting thought, what they did almost smacks of drug seeking behaviour, in...
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    Jimquisition: Epic Hole (B Mine Cliffy)

    Pro tip: if you start of a sentence with "No offense" chances'll be pretty f'ing offensive to the person on the receiving end. Best bet if you start something with no offense you should just shut up and walk away.
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    BioWare Co-Founders Retire

    Thanks for the memories Dr's, I don't think I'll be looking at Bioware as a go to company from now on. Lets hope Obsidian's Project Eternity Kickstarter goes well!.
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    Have you ever avoided something because of its fanbase?

    Not so much in movies and TV I'll give anything a shot really, but some games have such a douche-y community or fanbase that I just won't play them....ever. (most any FPS multi-player and LoL) and even in games I play like WoW or SW:TOR I'll turn off the chat quite often or have a guild/friends...
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    Transgender Day of Rememberance

    ignorance and hatred towards ANY societal group, and demeaning the lives lost through suicide and/or murder because of the way they choose to conduct their lives is the lowest, basest and frankly most pathetic thing another HUMAN BEING can do to another. ANYONE who's promoted ignorance, hatred...