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    Animazement 2015 Cosplay Gallery: Animazing

    It's True, I AM glorious.
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    Escapist Expo: The Escapist Q&A ? Day 2

    Oh Good, I've been waiting for this one. I was the man with the cookies.
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    Poll: Do you prefer wine or beer?

    I'm a home brewer, so I have to say beer, but that comes with a caveat. I don't care for Hoppy Beers. You can keep your pale ales, IPAs, and Pilsners, I like a nice brown or red ale, or porter. On a cold day I like a stout. By the same reasoning, I don't care for Dry wines, much prefering a...
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    Moar Food!: Faux Pas that drive you crazy.

    I'd criticize your tastes, but they are your right to have. Isn't that what we are here to do, criticize other's tastes? Or at least behaviors you find inappropriate with food? I find that A1 tends to detract from the taste of good steak. If you want some A1 after tasting your steak and find...
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    Moar Food!: Faux Pas that drive you crazy.

    Oh Gods Cilantro. For a while it was on EVERYTHING. The stuff tastes like soap, I completely fail to see the appeal.
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    Moar Food!: Faux Pas that drive you crazy.

    I would hardly call us elitists. I'm not going to stop you from eating anything, but a part of me curls up and dies when people do horrible things to their foods. The person who orders the extra well done steak and wants it like a hard piece of leather. The person who drenches their food in a...
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    Moar Food!: Faux Pas that drive you crazy.

    Oh good lord I have so many of these it isn't funny, I work as a cook. Spices, there is a fad right now where everything, EVERYTHING has some amount of hot spice in it. Maybe there's peppers with it, or you have a spice mix made of cayenne and paprika, or you serve it drizzled with...