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    Trailers: Duke Nukem Forever: History of Duke Nukem

    I had copies of Duke Nukem 1 and 2 found on my Duke Nukem 3D cd. I'm not sure what is out there for digital download, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if you could get a Duke compilation pack that included all the games that featured Duke to date, bandwidth and storage size make those...
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    When it Rains in Minecraft 1.5, It Snows

    Oh yes, he is on a roll! Come on epic blizzards and hurricanes!
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    World Bank Examines Benefits of Gold Farming

    I wonder how many of these "gold farmers" are involved with a criminal organization where they live in order to have the means to be online with stable enough with decent credit for international banking, bandwidth, computational power, stable electrical power, food, and lodging. Are they...
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    Gearbox Wants Female Duke Nukem Game

    I would like to point to two characters that were female and kicked ET ass to save others: - Ellen Ripley from the Alien movies (and games and comics and books) - Julie from the Heavy Metal FAKK2 movie (and games and comics) Those should be characters who are considered female versions of...
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    Gearbox Delays Duke Nukem Forever Until Summer

    One word should describe this easily: Staged. They never intended to release on the May date, ever, June was the plan all along and this was just part of the publicity, the joke you all thought was coming anyways. I'm just surprised they didn't wait for April 1st to do this but I suppose they...
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    Minecraft Players Get Blocky Yet Adorable Pet Wolves

    Say, there is this little game called Game Dev Story, while very abstract, it might help you gain a slightly better understanding of game development, like for example, occasionally doing other things so you can be better at game development. Of course, if you choose not to train your devs with...
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    Gabe Newell Speaks: What About Counter-Strike 2?

    This may surprise you but I agree with you bahumat on this point - I personally have no interest in being impatient for any entertainment production really and hype is something I did as a teenager for the most part when my hormones were soaring so that part of my life is behind me. Hopefully...
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    Gabe Newell Speaks: What About Counter-Strike 2?

    What exactly is your and bahumat42's problem with people still wondering "What about Half-Life 2: Episode 3?" Are you yet another case of 'haters gonna hate'? Hell-larr-ee-US, you have me in stitches with your "fun", you hipster you.
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    Microsoft Raising Open World Zombie Game for XBLA

    We have a better option already coming to PC that is beyond simply concept art phase, Dead State: Keep in mind the screen shots released thus far are from the latest builds of their in-house alpha/beta and do not yet fully represent the end...
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    Magic Gun Sprays Skin Cells to Heal Burns Almost Instantly

    [email protected] I want one! I wonder if it could be used in surgery too to limit scaring, for scrapes, cuts... medigel, here we come! :D
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    Fallout Fan Film Virally Markets Nuka Cola

    Maybe this will help jog your memory:
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    Scottish Convicts Turn PS3s and Computer Mice Into Illicit Cell Phone Chargers

    What is wrong with some of the people posting? Are you so blind in your desire for vengeance on those serving time that you have to take away all the elements of an environment that breed rehabilitation socially and provides a safer working environment for the guards and other staff? So, what...
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    Poll: InterRacial Dating

    Er, my apologies if this has already been asked, but where is the all of the above / no preference option of the poll? Yes, that means I would get with anyone regardless/because of the unique hawtness your genetics gave them. No, that doesn't just mean only the so called "models" catch my...
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    Real Life Superhero Thwarts Robbery, Gains TV Fame

    All very good points, thank you for making them. A toast, To the real world heroes; service people, community volunteers and councillors of good intent and even better effective action to those goals of lifting us all up! May those who wear masked costumes/armour see a day where they feel they...
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    Real Life Superhero Thwarts Robbery, Gains TV Fame

    Rather than quote the entire post that is more than likely directly above this one that a reader of this thread has probably just finished reading, I numbered the paragraphs then used the first and last words of the paragraph as identifiers so the reader will know which paragraph I am referring...