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    Investigating Overwatch's Stingy Loot System

    Nice work Yahtzee, clever idea with the number-crunching. The porn-shutdown and ass removal was just the tip of the ice-berg. Seems really greedy on the devs part. Gimme more maps instead of this hat-scam! Steering clear like the plague.
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    Spider-Man Finally Revealed in Latest Civil War Trailer

    I actually liked the new suit. Yes, I think the Sony one(s) looked more high tech and durable (and actually, why isn't Tony giving Parker some techno-lycra that is resilient?), and this looks a bit more amateurish. Bar the eyes. Which makes sense since Parker is just starting out. It's a "mark...
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    En Route to the Post-Apocalypse - John McAfee Predicts US "Annihilation"

    While I loathe the click-bait title, the man did say it. Damn straight. The Snowden whistleblowing and patriot acts should have caused a LOT more uproar, and no presidential candidate is willing to respect that part of the constitution.
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    Sony is Finally Sending out Compensation for 2011 PSN Breach

    Every time I keep thinking I want a PS4 I keep getting reminded of what Sony is. Not to mention the Wikileak'd emails showing they helped push TPP. Screw it, I'm getting Cyber Squad and Disgaea 4 on a second hand Vita instead of a PS4.
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    Star Wars Episode VIII Gets Teaser And a Cast List

    Hope the script is more original than the last, Phasma DOES something, explain how Luke's old saber was salvaged from a gas giant, and give us a better villain than temper-tantrum Kylo Ren. Seriously, he looks more like the poster-boy for Rebel propaganda posters.
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    The Ads of Super Bowl 50 - The Good, The Bad, and the Weird

    Can you PLEASE put your lists like this onto one page?! Or do some gallery thing so I don't have to load 40+ pages?
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Suicide Squad

    Knocked out the park again (and even hits the nail on the head about the recent trend of "white nerd villain")
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    We Can Now Literally Pull Fuel Out of Thin Air

    So, no more energy crisis. All those big oil and energy companies will go softly into the night, and everyone will have free electricity and heat forever. Right? C'mon. What's the catch?
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    Five Nights At Freddy's World: The Ugly Side of Escapism

    Tribalism/fanboyism does suck- if the lowest common denominator is allowed in. With titles that are more difficult to get into (harder to make fan characters that look like they fit in the universe, a more difficult game, or a genuinely deeper lore), it seems that they have a higher barrier...
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    Five Nights At Freddy's World: The Ugly Side of Escapism

    I think it was more that the dev had the potential to do a new game, and he's playing it safe resulting in more stagnation from his audience (more FNAF). The guys in the vid (in their snippits from podcasts at least) have pretty short fuses for anything that limits or hinders the medium (DLC...
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    Five Nights At Freddy's World: The Ugly Side of Escapism From Cheshire Cat Studios podcast, a look at the next FNAF game that isn't horror, the fanbase, how the fans almost infantalized the franchise, hyper-fans over stuff that really shouldn't warrant it, infantalization a of society, and the balance of...
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

    First time I've seen this series and I'm in hysterics!! Brilliant, and I will check out more.
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    Why Do Marvel Consistently Do Superhero Movies Better Than Other Studios?

    The cursed Netflix/Amazon exclusives! Still gonna avoid spoilers and pay for it one off on DVD/BluRay
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    Can we stop with the "Batman is more relatable than Superman" thing?

    But, he freed the slaves? Wut? Very interesting point. It's perfectly healthy to doubt those to have the capability to change your mind or ruin your life- no matter how much their beliefs/morals mach up with your own (never "listen and believe", always ask for concrete evidence. Someone...
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    Can we stop with the "Batman is more relatable than Superman" thing?

    I agree with your theory on Batman and how Supes is a mirror for America (more so than Capt America, who keeps the values he's always upheld- even if that's the opposite to what the country is doing). But I think Superman is relatable to some people. Those who have been looked up to (from a...