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    So, seems like The Dark Tower should of stayed closed

    I tried reading the Dark Tower last year and bounced off halfway through the third book. It's wierd, because it's the kind of story, setting and aesthetic I should really enjoy, but I just can't stand King's writing. His prose felt especially poor compared to other authors I was reading at the...
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    Poll: Do you do any physical subscription services?

    I'm fairly minimalist in the way I live and keep possessions, so I'm not particularly interested in a box of things I don't know and may only like one thing or two from. Nothing against the idea, just not for me.
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    Character Design Debate; Beauty or Lust?

    Not here. Look at any website or video dedicated to character design or costume design in media.
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    Character Design Debate; Beauty or Lust?

    attractiveness is just one very shallow aspect of character design. this is hardly the 'deepest debate we can have'.
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    Character Design Debate; Beauty or Lust?

    Why divide it into only two categories? It's more like a spectrum, or a bunch of different spectrums based on each individual's aesthetic and sexual sensibilities. Aesthetics (and how they are intertwined with the sex drive) are more complex than a binary placement of HOT or BEAUTIFUL. Sona...
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    Question to people who prefer the original voice track for anime

    I'm very sensitive to tone of speaking, line reads, emphasis, intonation, etc. Even a small mistake or slightly awkward read makes me cringe. It's a big problem for me when it comes to english dubs, especially since japanese writing when adapted to english tends to sound flowery and hard to take...
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    Ehhhh, not a huge fan. I just kind of dislike that generic Cartoon Network humour and pacing. Really rubs me up the wrong way. Didn't even like it as a kid, and this is really hyperactive. The colours could use a little work, and the characters could have slightly stronger shapes. They need a...
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    Go Gordon Ramsay on my Art (Possibly going to get mature)

    This here I think is your main problem, friend. I think you need to perhaps take a course on design or at least do some research. I see above you say you've spent literally hundreds of hours on this, and to be honest it shows in the worst way. It's far too overdesigned. It's messy, and clunky...
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    Go Gordon Ramsay on my Art (Possibly going to get mature)

    The main thing that jumps out at me is that it's all way too busy. It's a clusterfuck to the eyes. Clean up and simplify your design. Greebles and shit all over is fine if you do it right, but I just can't even discern an overall silhouette or shape from this, something that's very important for...
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    Why Can't I Play Dark Souls 3?

    Yeah, I'm a long time Souls player and I'm fairly unhappy with 3. I finished my initial run, went up to around level 100 and mucked around with the PvP for a good long while before realising it was too simple, undemanding, unbalanced and laggy to enjoy. And by lag I don't mean latency. I'm from...
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    Got any character visual design tips for a newbie?

    The above advice is all very good. When it comes to colours, stick to two or three at most. Some would argue one main colour with supplementary tones is enough. Always simplify as much as possible. Remove pointless greebles or details. A clean, clear design is always going to be more effective...
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    The dignity of grey and brown.

    Colours are complicated. I've been agonising about them a lot recently so I'm just going to spill my thoughts here. Not really making a point, just musing. Grey and brown can be beautiful, somber and atmospheric or it can just be dull, boring and ugly. A lot of it depends on the depth of tone...
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    No Man's Sky Wins Lawsuit Against "Sky" Trademark Holder

    Having ownership over common words is stupid. Fair enough if it's a noun you made up and which is established in your work. I wouldn't try to write a book with a main character called Aragorn or Samus Aran. But 'sky'? Crazy. Yeah, they were pretty ambiguous. I really hope that's not the case.
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    Do NPCs have any kind of awareness?

    Technically you are, but it's more complex than that. You have the ability to remember experiences and learn and make decisions based off those experiences (i.e, I want to go for a walk today, or I feel like watching this film instead of this film). NPCs for the most part don't, and even if they...
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    Do NPCs have any kind of awareness?

    Interesting thing to talk about. In a way NPCs are virtual beings, but they are completely limited to the extremely small selection of reactions to stimuli they have been programmed with. They can't make their own decisions beyond what has been defined for them in a logic chain or a random event...