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    Best game you've played lately?

    Bioshock Infinite, I cannot stress enough how good that game, its an absolute masterpiece. Well spotted citizen, I've not wrathed them due to your diligence!.
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    Fan Video Introduces Super Mario Kart to Cruel Reality

    Dude, you can't say things like that! , Mario Kart... you missed the golden days of Mario Kart? Don't trust the haters, Mario Kart on the SNES was the best mario kart, N64 Mario Kart was the one with the evil AI
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    Fan Video Introduces Super Mario Kart to Cruel Reality

    That was grim! Your not serious right? It was from the time when console controllers didn't have analogue sticks as well, and shoulder buttons were considered gimmicks.
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    The Escapist Presents: The Escapists Blow Up The Death Star!

    Susan Arendt stole the whole fucking thing, that was brilliant guys and gals, I can't stop laughing.
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    what surgery's have you had?

    I had to have a rib removed, they take it out through your armpit!, I had to have my tongue sewn back on when I was a kid due to a nasty bike crash that broke my jaw. alot of people are saying wisdom teeth, I didn't realise that was considered surgery. The more I think about it the more...
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    Dragon's Crown Designer Apologizes for Exaggerated Characters

    Absolutely. I'll admit I don't understand what you mean here. ha you fucking magnificient person you! Personally I never heard of this game but thanks to this shitstorm I think it looks gorgeous (I mean really old school gorgeous with HD graphics gorgeous), its not of poor quality or...
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    Dragon's Crown Designer Apologizes for Exaggerated Characters

    So which is the "good art"?, Am I a massive fan of Yu Gi Oh, and believe the Dark Magician Girl to be the epitome of beauty of women in a sexualised way? I didn't say he couldn't compare them, I said I didn't agree with how this is being compared to picasso by some users on this site and the...
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    Minor, insignificant thing that ruined a game for you.

    I can't stand shoddy collision detection, this is particularly annoying on racing games when your no where near anything yet you still get wiped out of the race. Also no visual clues about whether your hits are doing anything to enemies.... as a comparison I'll use DarkSider' second boss...
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    Dragon's Crown Designer Apologizes for Exaggerated Characters

    I really don't agree with some of the users here like yourself Salad of using art to "frame" your argument, if your going to use a comparison from sexualisation in games versus art then it would probably work if in "The Unfinished Swan" the main characters mother had implants. Dark Magician...
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    Give an object a more appropriate name.

    I've always found names of things that are lame and for losers should be renamed to something cooler sounding, like the word for someone who hasn't had sex yet "Virgin"... it sounds shit ergo people don't want to be labeled as such, you instantly want to lose your virginity. So I've always...
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    I actually carried the "alien" from the crashed space craft all the way back to Megaton that way, dropping him to fight Yaoi Guys (can't remember how you spell them!) and other nasties and picking him up again to carry on our epic adventure before reaching the doors to Megaton and realising you...
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    You can also kill her and the big german fellow too using a killphrase if you hack the correct terminal, it was for the higher ups to use on them if they ever turned on them. I'm certain Anna's is flatliner lady, pick it from your dialogue list and she explodes.
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    The Banhammer and You: A User's Guide to the Forums

    Firstly Manic, I'd like to apologise for taking so long to get back to you on this matter. I find it troubling that you and other people feel that we are tolerant of sexism, I'll admit that I'm not perfect and I do fuck up sometimes, I've emailed all of the mods with regards to this issue to...
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    what the hell Steam!?

    Yes Vault, it does seem like 2gb is the norm at the minute, it makes it frightening the amount of data being thrown around like that. I heard a rumour that ValVe are the 5th biggest bandwith user in the world, imma let you finish... of all time! OF ALL TIME!, just so we can all quit when we...
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    Join the Fight With The Escapist Live in Dust 514

    I'm online now, how do I join the escapist team, I'm part of the escapist corporation... at least I think I am