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    Will Metro going to be Greatest Trilogy in the history of Gaming?

    Despite the OP, it?s actually not a bad discussion. How many trilogies have been consistently great across all three entries? Especially recently? I?m a huge fan of the Witcher and Mass Effect trilogies, but each definitely have their weaker points (to say the least). I?m finding it...
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    what are your top 10 games of all time? Name one game per franchise

    Deus Ex Chrono Trigger CSS Mass Effect 2 KOTOR 2 GTA V Mario 64 Gran Turismo 2 Portal 2 Talos Principle The Witcher 3
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    Is MGS5 best open world game this generation?

    Not to defend him at all, but isn?t discussion value kind of a prerequisite for thread creation these days? OT - haven?t played it yet, is another game in the backlog. I will say though that I felt TW3 has the most full and alive open world that I can remember ever playing in. Can?t really...
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    Forza 7 versus Project Cars 2

    I don?t think I?ll pick up either anytime soon - finally getting into the first Project Cars and enjoying the depth of it, even when playing on a gamepad. From what I?ve read, Forza appears as close to a Gran Turismo experience as we?re likely to get on PC anytime soon. No chance in hell that...
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    The latest Battlefront 2 trailer is 5 minutes long.

    Can someone explain to me why we shouldn't be paying for a game if it ticks all the right boxes? I'm not saying that this does (I'll be keeping an eye on user reviews and gameplay once it's released, didn't even consider buying the first reboot), but surely there's no point in denying...
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    My Witcher 3 Revisit

    I'm in exactly the same boat as the OP. Started a new playthrough a month or so ago, mainly to play through the DLC's which I hadn't gotten around to earlier. And yeah, it's still fucking excellent. I'm currently running through blood & wine and absolutely loving it. Hearts of stone was...
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    Zenimax is Being Sued Over the Use of "The Wanderer" in Fallout 4 Ads

    He should have done his research before licensing the song tbh. Nobody to blame here but himself (or his lawyer).
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    Has a game's size ever influenced your purchase?

    Not normally (even though I currently have a horrendous net connection, even by Australian standards), but one thing that does annoy me is when publishers release hard copies of games with no disc (or a massive Day one download). Mass Effect Andromeda did this. I specifically grabbed the...
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    The $100 Steam Direct Fee is Bad for Steam, and Bad for Gamers

    This. I don't want inherently biased people making decisions on what is or isn't fit for public consumption. That sort of approach is just asking for trouble. Giving increased flexibility to curators on the other hand is a good option, as this will give customers more ways to find what...
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    Mass Effect 1 (2007) to Mass Effect Andromeda (2017)

    I'm 40 or 50 odd hours into it, and that's a fair call. I think there's a decent game in there, and I hope that the team learn from this and improve with the next installment.
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    8 of the Strongest Video Game Villains of All Time

    Yep, Lavos should definitely be in there I think. Don't rate the Illusive Man at all in a list like this.
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    New Prey Trailer Offers a Look at the Game's Weapons and Power Combos

    Alien perks making the base defences see you as hostile sounds like a great idea. This game had been off my radar, but the more I hear about it, the more it sounds like it could actually be kinda cool.
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    Nintendo says Super Mario Run "Did Not Meet Our Expectations"

    I remember saying when it was released that the free part of the game doesn't come close to giving you enough of a feel of the game to warrant paying any price for it, let alone $10. If they had extended the free portion to a longer section of the game, they may have found the percentage of...
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    Mass Effect Andromeda first impressions?

    I'm about 12 or so hours in, and enjoying it so far. The animation isn't stellar, and there are some odd VA moments, but on the whole it's been fun. Haven't had any real bugs, and am so far finding the writing serviceable without being brilliant. Haven't started any of the loyalty quests yet...
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    You can Now Play the Classic Facing Worlds Unreal Tournament Map in CS:GO

    I'm sure this was ported to CSS ages ago, and I think that's essentially what it turned into. Was fun backstabbing the bastards though!