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    Feed Dump: Dakota & Madison Work Stuff Out

    and by germs he means "germans" because they die and turn into fat americans. lol jk but coke still kills you.
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    Feed Dump: Girls Dump

    wa- wa- wa- wa- wa- wa- wa- wa- wa- wa- wa- wa- wait... don't cheat on your "WIFE" ??? so this ring is for men only or what? i sense sexism in this. can women NOT cheat on their men, or what?
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    Erin Stout, Seductress

    i don't get it. first of all he started the conversation, and sat on her table... just to say "no" when he get's to score? that makes no sense at all... except for if he is just some imaginary character, that is somewhat eather a total pussy, or an absolute gentleman. who on earth is that...
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Whole Story: The Pop Can

    paul is the perfect choice for this job.
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    Zero Punctuation: Risen 2: Dark Waters

    i believe it's all abou the money. these developers do not have much of it. in comparison with earlier games like gothic 1-3 it's still an improvement. only the story-liniarity is a bit itchy for a RPG. other games leave more freedom in decision-making and character/story developement. but...
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    The Good Guys

    that guy is pretty good... will he make it?
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    Zero Punctuation: Prototype 2

    i don't think i can go there, it is another continent. and i don't own a jet-plane.
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    Feed Dump: Van Dump

    this ain't no hunt. this is revenge / vengance ... besides : you can use several "alternative shotgun ammunitions" and i bett there is one especially made for shooting moose ;) ¿?
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    Feed Dump: Van Dump

    so you guys really hit a moose? in the last scene... the person on the backseat was not present. did he/she get striked out with matt as well? i hope you guys are all okay. hitting a moose can be really ... life-threatening... for both : the people in the car, AND the moose.
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    One, Two, Lots

    i am so excited about what is gona happen next. she seems in a bad mood, and that strange guy offers ... something ...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Mailbag!

    to be honest ... i came here for the thumbnail-picture ;-9
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    that is the latest fashion! ^^
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    Feed Dump: Fruit Fly Rejection

    i think we hat the "ooze" before and that news about the fruitflys are old.
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    Mass Effect 3: The Process

    i didn't know girls would have these kinds of pillows.
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    Jimquisition: Taking Videogames Seriously

    true thing. i agree. if you like something , and someone else does not, you do not have to make 'em like it, for as long as you can enjoy it. don't have less fun, just because somebody else tells you what you're enjoying is not serious. fun does not have to be serious. and i think that...