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    So.. what the hell happened to this place eh?

    I mean, I'm happy to that extent, I just wished it happened sooner. The brand has suffered quite a bit.
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    So.. what the hell happened to this place eh? (So video embeds aren't working?) So it's been awhile since I've last poked my head in this place, and I saw on the Philip Defranco show that Defy Media closed up shop.... and suddenly theres content on The Escapist and MovieBob is back (I shall be polite...
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    Someone, ANYONE, explain to me ANY purpose Spambots serve! Not advertising--That's for sure!!!

    If you're still recruiting mods, give me a sherrifs badge. I've been here long enough.
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    Can we talk about Sonic Mania?

    Cause I just bought the damn thing and played through the first two acts with Sonic/Tails and again with Knuckles.... Brahs, Sonic is back. This is the best retro-style game I've played since entering adulthood.
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    Lono's Got A Steam Backlog: LA NOIRE

    My name is Nick "@UncleLono" Rehfeldt and like most PC gamers I have a steam backlog. I've resound to play & beat them all and chronicle it in a series of reviews. Today we are looking at LA NOIRE. I'm suppose to be reviewing these things as I beat them, but I'm also not about to subject...
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    I'm worried about Sonic Forces

    I mean the video above was my last attempt at playing it and I didn't get very far before I turned it off in disgust.
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    I'm worried about Sonic Forces

    The camera and visuals really don't hold up well at all.
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    I'm worried about Sonic Forces

    It will probably suck unless they make the game like Generations. Like even the fond memories people have the Sonic Adventure games.... go back and actually play them, they have not aged well. At all. But whatever, I don't care. I'm mildly interested by the create-your-own-hedgehog...
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    90s Cartoons That Have Aged Well

    Someone else already said it, but Beast Wars really holds up despite it's dated animation. Really strong writing. I'll throw this one out there: Digimon Adventure, the first season. It's fantastic in the way the stakes keep getting raised with each new big bad.
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    A reflection; is Overwatch a good GAME?

    Chock me into the "Yes it is a good game" pile. In fact it's been my goto game whenever I want to play something at the expense of everything else.
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    GameStop plans to be Open on Thanksgiving this Year

    Well thats scummy as fuck. I don't say this lightly anyone that shops on Thanksgiving should go drink bleach. Why won't you give me 40 dollars for my 5 year old sports game?
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    so cartoon network schedule this week

    And Teen Titans Go! is also good, it's a funny COMEDY show. The problem is older people like us wanting OG action cartoon back.... or just action cartoons in general, which I hate to break it to you? Don't do well enough with advertisers.
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    Lono's Got A Steam Backlog: Grand Theft Auto 3

    Link in need of editing Exclude that right parenthesis to be golden Best of luck clearing that backlog of yours
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    so cartoon network schedule this week

    y'all can ***** all you want, but ever stop to think you guys might be too old for Cartoon Network? Us Prowrestling fans that still watch WWE, were hold overs from the attitude era. The product isn't for us anymore, it's aimed at kids but we keep watching out of habit and love of how it use...