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    Aches and Pains

    Well lets see I'm a chef by trade so here goes... My back and neck are under constant strain and I'm in frequent visits with a chiropractor so I don't curl up like a pretzel. Being on my feet for hours on end has worn out my Knees and my Feet are buggered - although I will say the heels...
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    I can't say there's a specific type of cheese that I enjoy more than others. However when it comes to brands of cheese I highly recommend King Island Dairy. Consistent quality throughout their entire stock.
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    Zack Snyder stepping down as director due to family tragedy

    Thanks for sharing a link. My sympathies to Snyder and his family. Very tragic.
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    Do you enjoy committing genocide?

    From the perspective of someone who often plays a paladin. No. You can justify your own survival or the immediate survival of others - for example the Illithids ambush you or attack a city. However willfully partaking in the extinction of an intelligent species that is simply going about the act...
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    Why Are People Against Personal Accountabilty For Individuals Who Behave Badly?

    You appear to be asking three separate questions. 1)Why do people defend stupid people. 2)Why do people want institutions to be accountable over the actions of others in place of self-accountability 3)Are the opinions of those who disagree with you based upon hysteria (ie feelings and...
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    What things irrationally scared you as a child?

    When I was a kid I had Cynophobia - an unnatural fear of dogs. Even the sight of a miniature fox terrier was enough to make me leap in fear. I'm an adult now and can rationally deal with the foul beasts, but still I have my moments.
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    The Squats have returned! Warhammer Age of Sigmar :(

    Wellll I guess we can only hope! The only reasons why they got rid of the Squats, was because the designers felt the name Squats didn't do the race justice and that the race never fit into the 40k universe properly. That and some people thought they looked like midget bikers from outer space...
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    Poll: Don't put marbles in your nose!

    Back in my day we had common sense and parental abuse to stop us from doing silly things. But I guess this works too...
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    A primer on scottish jargon?

    Skiving - Avoiding work or chores A Gobshite - An individual prone to talking crap Yon - Short for yonder - ie. over there Yon Pommy **** - That English gentleman over there
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    A primer on scottish jargon?

    Mate! Where do you think we got the idea from?
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    Cheese appreciation

    Incidently Brillat Savarin is named after the great food philosopher of the same name. He was once quoted saying " Desert without cheese, is like a pretty woman with only one eye"
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    Cheese appreciation

    What's my favourite cheese? Why all of them of course. Haloumi, Grana Padano, Stilton, Morbier, Roqufort, Brie, washed Rind, fetta. Made from goat's milk, sheep's milk, cow's milk whatever!!!! They all good!
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    What is Your Favorite: Savory Snack From a Country You're Not From?

    Ummm...You know what, I can't really think of any! Maybe Edamame? The problem I guess is here in Australia we have Shapes for savoury snacks and Tim Tams for sweet snacks. Don't really need anything else when you got those...
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    Poll: Sound of Silence...Which Version is Better?

    Whilst I enjoyed Disturbed's cover, the gold star goes to Simon and Garfunkel. Yes The singer from Disturbed nailed it when it came to vocals but he doesn't hold a candle to Paul Simon let alone someone with the vocal range of Art Garfunkel - The man's a jackass but damn that voice!
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    Fallout 4 Patch 1.4 Released for PC

    Well I can't play the game at all since all the recent patches came through. Even deleted all my mods - including the Nexus Mod Manager - and even uninstalled and reinstalled the damn game to no effect. Before the patch downloaded I had zero problems and I purchased and installed the game the...