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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Made Me Sad.

    You might wanna spoiler tag this part of your post before somebody who hasn't played it out reads it?
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Made Me Sad.

    M'kay I finished GTAV so now I feel informed enough to comment on all this. I disagreed with the initial review but decided to see for myself. What I came away from was a great game that had really well written characters. They are simplistic for sure, Michael is selfish, Franklin's ambitious...
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    Let's talk about tattoos

    I love my tattoos. I've had five so far, though one was a cover up of a piss poorly done job. I don't shove my tattoo's in anybody else's face, don't demand that anybody acknowledge that I'm some beautiful or unique snowflake or anything like that. I just love the look of them, the feel of...
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    Game of Thrones: Sandor's guilt

    He denied it was murder, Sandor didn't deny killing Mycah. The books and shows make it pretty explicit that Sandor loves his killing, he reminds me a lot of the bounty hunter who attacked Serenity in firefly. When faced with a trial by combat he states his innocence of killing Mycah is...
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    We Really, Really Don't Need New Consoles

    I'm going to take a look at the Xbox reveal whenever Microsoft feel they have polished what sounds to be quite the turd enough for public display. I'd love to be wrong but the piles of rumors emanating about the Xbox Another One (Which I am now calling it until it gets a real name.) just don't...
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    Shadowrun Returns in June

    Isn't that HBS's decision to make? I mean the backers were the ones who took the risk on this game (Not much of a risk I know but still), those people get the DRM version that was promised to them in the KS campaign. Everybody else is just a potential consumer and the method HBS chooses to sell...
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    Shadowrun Returns in June

    I just took a peek in the comments on Kickstarter for the project and the hate there is palpable. What is the problem with offering a Steam download in addition to the DRM free version from the HBS site?. I'm so looking to this game, from all the updates they have put out I'm very optimistic...
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    TotalBiscuit's very strange behavior in this Vlog video....

    Didn't see anything wrong with the video, his "WTF is" series has helped me find some great games, "Thomas was alone, Antichamber, etc) and his PSA's I find are helpful to. Dodged the Simcity bullet because of his videos. He's always been clear that he makes videos for views. That's the deal, he...
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    Microsoft Exec on Always Online Consoles: "Deal With it"

    I just can't fathom the chain of thoughts that led him to think any of his responses to his initial tweet were a good idea. I mean when you're in a hole stop digging, don't make stupid laboured analogies. For me sure I'll be disappointed if the Nextbox is "Always online." I've had 3 Xbox 360's...
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    Chew Your Way Through Tomba! on PSN

    This game was seven shades of awesome :D So looking forward to giving it a replay.
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    Steam coupons expiring soon. Post what you have to give away.

    33% Valve 50% Worms reloaded 33% Saint's row the 3rd 50% Avadon the Black Fortress 25% Valve Let me know if anybody wants em. Not looking for anything myself.
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    Leftover Steam Xmas codes

    Hey all, Steam are advising that their Xmas codes are soon to run out. So I figured I'm not going to use any of the ones I have left. So I created this thread to see if anybody can make use of mine in the next few days and also so others can give away what they have leftover. Anyway...
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    Damn it, stop making me rich!

    I like when a game can encourage you to use self-imposed restrictions, two good examples come to mind. My first play-through of DE:HR I played on hard mode and I went for the pacifist achievement (complete the game with no kills beyond the bosses) and the foxiest of the hounds (set off no...
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    Escapist Podcast: 028: Listener Question Bonanza!

    So cannot agree with a lot of the piracy argument, especially Susan in this one. The idea that I need to "pay for the convenience" of the new format, might hold some water, but it is illegal for me to do this format change myself, so its a monopoly on the right to keep the information accessible...
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    French Armed Robbers Steal Thousands of Copies of Modern Warfare 3

    Is the 750,000 retail? If both trucks had 6000 copies retailing at ?60 a piece it would still only be ?720,000. But isn't the real value of the theft just the cost of manufacture on those 12,000 units? Which I doubt is much at all. I suppose 3/4 of a million sounds a lot better than, we need...