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    Forget Realism, We Need Truth

    Excellent article as always, and I generally agree with most of the stuff in it, but the more I reflect on Spec Ops, the less I like the message it's trying to portray about player-driven violence being a bad thing. Attempting to humanize video game enemies and guilt the player for killing them...
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    Expanding the Game: The Semantics of Standalone

    On topic: Eh, to me this reads mainly as a nostalgia rose-eyed view of the past. Mods are still a (huge) thing. Cheats weren't killed by DLC, they were killed by the achievement craze. DLC may not be as big as expansions, but it's also usually much cheaper and you can grab just the pieces that...
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    DC Ending New 52 Imprint After Convergence

    Black Canary is getting a series, but we don't have Oracle anymore. Why even bother?
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    All Female A-Force Replaces The Avengers

    Probably Pepper Potts as Rescue.
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    Spider-Gwen Preview Art Swings Online

    This version started during the Spider-Verse series which was a massive crossover between every version of Spider-Man ever, including some new ones (Like Spider-Gwen) created specifically for the event. All of the Edge of the Spider-Verse worlds were pretty cool and the comics were well written...
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    Agent Carter Teases Surprising Avengers 2 Connection

    Agent Carter has basically zero connections to Agents of Shield, so no worries there. As to the second question: I enjoy it, but this is the internet which means there is a plethora of people on both sides of the love it/hate it argument. I'd recommend watching the first episode and deciding...
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    And just what percentage of the people who watched Guardians of the Galaxy do you think had read a Guardians comic before they saw the movie? Hell, what percentage of people who watched Dark Knight had read a Batman comic? Comic book readers are a very small minority of the population these...
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    Evolve Dev: "I Don't Like People Thinking We're Doing Dirty, Underhanded S***"

    Well the first problem is that games are by their nature an unknown amount of content. Games are the only things that get expansions/DLC rather than just sequels and they also don't have a standard length/amount of content. The net result is that no matter how much content you make, some portion...
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    Star Wars: Rebels: Lando's Smooth Smuggler Swagger

    I mean that whenever I see Rebels compared unfavorably to Clone Wars, they're talking about the 2003 show, not the 2008 show. I haven't seen anybody say that the 2008 show is superior to Rebels, although this being the internet I'm sure every possible opinion has been expressed by at least one...
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    Star Wars: Rebels: Lando's Smooth Smuggler Swagger

    It's confusing because you're thinking of the wrong Clone Wars. There were two animated series with that name. There's a 2008 series you watched [] which I haven't really heard much praise for.
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    New Fire Emblem Game Coming to 3DS

    I'm just glad the next one is confirmed for a system I own. As much as I love FE:A, not terribly interested in buying another handheld this soon.
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    Whoops! Blizzard May Need To Change Overwatch's Name

    It's kind of necessary, though. If you say "You must have a product on the market in order to trademark the name" you open the system to far far more abuse than currently. If Blizzard can't trademark the name of a game before launch, they have to keep the name secret until launch because...
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    EB Games Australia is Pulling The Elder Scrolls Online From Store Shelves

    Hm... Let me check my notes, I think I wrote something down... Here it is! Censorship is scheduled to end next Wednesday at 3:52 PM Pacific.
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    Valve's First Ever Anime Games Sale Begins Now on Steam

    If you're just in it for the strategy game aspect, I'd pass. I played a few hours of the first one and founds that most battles involved doing basically the same thing. Sure, there are a lot of buttons you could press and fancy things you could do, but for like 90% of the battles what you will...
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    Only a Tiny Number of Monument Valley Android Installs Were Paid For

    Unfortunately, this is a good example of why the 'whale'-hunting 'free' games dominate and will continue to dominate the mobile market - As long as most of the players aren't paying anyways (and won't pay even a very small amount like $1-$2), you need to milk as much as possible out of the...