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    Top 6 Reasons to Get Back Into Pokemon

    Got a 2DS just so I could pick up a copy of X, sharing a house with someone playing Y on 3DS tipped me over. Cheaper, and the loss of 3D and folding didn't bother me at all.
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    Why do people hate realism in shooters?

    Wow, what a loaded question and a ton of stuff following on. What many people dislike is BORING shooters, and boring games in general. And shock, after the umpteenth time it gets a little dull trudging around a sandy brown/grey area, popping in and out of cover and being immersed in shallow...
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    Your first "mature" game.

    leisure suit larry, I was like...10 to 12? My mum played them just because she enjoyed text parser/point and click games, (I was introduced to day of the tentacle at the same time.) I didn't play the game alone, it was more like a group thing, especially joining in on the "prove you're an...
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    So Bad It's Brilliant

    Personally, I loved lollipop chainsaw and the combat didn't get boring to me. Particularly once you've gotten all the moves, I found a fun satisfaction in trying to get decent Sparkle Hunting numbers and such. Maybe it's just because I'm not playing the game from a male fantasy view, but I...
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    Stealth Games Don't Have to Be About Killing People

    I'd had a similar thought; the Runner. Their job would be decoy, distraction, driver or bagman to whisk the goods away when gotten. It's more about choosing routes and finding the paths that aren't being watched. It'd generally be a nice quick thing to give a little extra contrast to the gameplay.
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    The Half-Naked Elf Problem

    I can't help but notice that in the link about the jiggle physics, there is a guy with a completely ridiculous chest/ab window on his clothes. So, some equality in ridiculousness at least... But yeah, choice is always good. And that's not even something that is rooted just in the whole "my...
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    How did you have sex?

    I do have to comment that the "howd you get close enough to permit the act?" part sounds kinda creepy. Rather than share my first couple of times full stop, I'll just say first couple with current beau. Yes, we were together, there was a lot of cuddling and kissing and definate attempts that...
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    Are Main Quests Necessary?

    No. The instinctive reaction is yes, the basic assumption says yes, but, you know what? If there were a lot of dangling plot threads spread about the world, maybe some interwoven, others not, just lots of potential story scattered around the world and each thread well written with as much (or...
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    Your Avatar is your face

    Me, but silhouetted and with wings and ears drawn on in paint? Um...ok. I guess I'll just go lurk in shadows.
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    Do nice guys really finish last?

    Yes. In fact, some might suggest nice guys finish after the lady has finished a couple times. In all seriousness, Winthrop nailed the important part than many "nice guys" fail at. And in some cases, they fail at the part where they're actually nice guys. Being an entitled spoiled brat is...
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    The Story of your Avatar

    Well...I needed an avatar and had already made this before, screwing around in paint with a photo. So I figured, why not use it.
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    Was Twilight Princess really that bad?

    Short version; no. Long version; I simply don't understand the vehemence of some of the backlash that I had noticed against the game, especially considering how minor the negative points they raised were. In fact, some of the negative points seemed to go 180 degrees against the things that...
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    The British public's response to the riots.

    Other people have no respect for the people that are rioting without any connection to the original cause, those just taking advantage of the chance to throw stuff and steal stuff. Those that have no respect for all the shop owners or staff, or the fact that the police are people too that have...
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    Favorite Discworld Novel

    Its a very tough decision. The classics like Mort and Guards Guards and various Rincewind ones have a special place in my heart, but I think my favourite would have to be one of the Vimes ones...Feet of Clay, Fifth Elephant or Night Watch. Then again, Lords and Ladies had a certain special...
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    Poll: Female babysitter charged for having sex with 14-year old boy.

    Man? I think you missed the meaning of the bit about gender flipping. Though I figure, not enough difference that it can stop someone who has been the 14 year old in such an event to say "I don't think that part is bad and would think the same regardless of the genders involved. Consent and...