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    Oculus Finds A Fix For "Simulation Sickness"

    you'd think they would have learnt a few lessons when they tried the exact same thing 1995 with the Nintendo virtual boy.
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    Sean Bean Narrates Train Simulator 2014 Launch Trailer

    I love the fact that trailer made me feel more than any other trailer in years.
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    Female Friendzone?

    Its the most soul crushing state of existance a human male can live in. I am bitter.
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    Anonymous Attacks North Korea

    At last, its been ages since the anon's have done anything intresting.
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    Poll: Is "Wreck-it Ralph" the best ever video game movie?

    To be fair it is a very low bar considring the other video game movies we have had over the years.
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    Big Deal on the Internet: EA "Player Appreciation" Sale They found a new way to sell out.
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    Iran Sends Snipers to Exterminate Giant Mutant Rats

    The skaven are coming!
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    CliffyB: Microtransaction is Not a Dirty Word, EA is Not The Bad Guy

    Cliff Bleszinski is tired of EA being seen as "the bad guy," while Valve can "do no wrong." Well you have to admit their is a certian hap hazard logic to that conclusion.
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    Forget the Friend Zone, it's OK to be attracted to a friend

    Its the most soul crushing state of existance a human can live in. Not that im bitter or anything.
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    Robotic Hand Offers Users a Real Sense of Touch

    Practice on a hotdog first.
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    Dinosaur Milk? Science Says "Maybe"

    As awesome it sounds at first I wouldnt want to eat something a trex has threw up on.
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    NASA Signs on For ESA Dark Energy Hunt

    It looks like its held together with duct tape.
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    Poll: Women In Front Line Combat Role

    There is an obvious solution, science needs to hurry up and make Amazons.
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    How Do You Define "Friend"?

    Someone I've met in real life.
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    Science Suggests We're Living in the Matrix

    I KNEW IT!