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    Poll: Your Pet is Drowning, and so is a Stranger.

    The stranger, no question. I really don't see how you could sacrifice a person for an animal.
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    Google Your name + The Hedgehog = pic?

    Stay away from me. You leave only evil and horror in your wake.
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    Google Your name + The Hedgehog = pic?

    <spoiler=what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck> ;_; OP, I think I hate you.
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    grand strategy games for beginners

    I have to give another recommendation for Civilisation IV. It's got a good range of difficulties, a good depth to its strategy, and it's just a lot of fun.
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    super awesome game giveaways

    Sorry mate, I've already given it away.
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    super awesome game giveaways

    Well, I've already got the game, so shoot me a link to your Steam inventory and maybe we can work something out. Although be warned, I'm going to bed soon, and we may have to finish this off later. :P EDIT: Yeah, I'm heading off now, you can wait for me if you like, but there are probably...
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    super awesome game giveaways

    This seems like a nice idea, I'm in. I've got a Steam key for Bastion, and here's a link to my Steam inventory if you're really desperate for TF2 items. I'm willing to trade anything apart from the Strange Shotgun. Just quote me if you'd like...
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    fantastic troll spam

    For the past few weeks, I've been receiving scam emails written in Dutch. I have no idea why, and it seems to be advertising some shitty Dutch social network. Also, semi-related, for some reason, I'm subscribed to a Square Enix email service, which I have no interest in. However, whenever I...
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    Valve Reveals Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Launch Date

    I got the beta a few days ago, and I'm quite enjoying it. While I'm still fairly terrible at it (it's been a while since I played 1.6 or Condition Zero), I had fun when I could find Australian servers. Also Arms Race is fun, even if the maps are awful.
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    What Are The Quintessential Stephen King Books?

    I haven't read all of his stuff, but the ones I most enjoyed were Misery and Pet Sematary.
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    Feed Dump: Van Dump

    Probably my favourite episode of Feed Dump so far, great stuff guys. Although you lose points for reminding me that Clive Palmer exists. (Fun fact, announcing his Titanic was only the second stupidest thing Clive Palmer said that week. He also said that he would be running for parliament.)
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    2012 - The Year of the Strategy

    I'd like to put in another vote for both Total Annihilation and Dawn of War + expansions. (Can't speak for 2, haven't played it.) Both superb RTS's and well worth playing. DoW's on Steam, and you can get TA quite cheaply off GOG <url=>here.
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    Song of the Day (with commentary)

    Better than I thought it would be, a very nice little track. Here's my song, been listening to it quite a lot lately. <youtube=bSFT2OKcdk0>
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    Augmented Reality

    That's a good point. Even worse than mobiles, because it's always using your eyes, and they seem to just look like glasses, so you can't even pull over people who are using them.
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    Augmented Reality

    Isn't this the set-up for Deus Ex: Human Revolution?