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    Nintendo Explores Sleep Analysis with 'Quality of Life' Initiative

    I'm really excited about this news. Since I've been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and began treatment with a ResMed CPAP device, my quality of sleep, life and even my mood and general disposition for work improved greatly. I will buy this gadget, since every investment I made in my sleep quality...
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    The Big Picture: Real Cutie - Manga Turned Live Action

    Mushrooms. Bob must be on mushrooms. That is as good an assumption as any other. But seriously, I'll check it out. Growing up in Brazil, our tv was flooded with Japanese tv shows with that kind of vibe. Later, when the Power Rangers debuted, we, Brazilian kids of the 80's, saw it for what it...
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    Greasy Spyware: Researchers Recover Audio from Chip Bag

    So. No more secrets. Never. Ever. You don't even need to be in focus of the camera, just some random object. I can see drones using this technology to record conversations from thousands of feet in the air. Cool. But also very scary. I can also see employers using this to listen to the...
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    "It's Not Like I Reich You Or Anything"

    This strip is really something great. Cory and Grey show glimpses of being up there in quality with Bill Watterson in several of their strips.
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    Study Claims Smelling Farts Could Prevent Cancer and Other Diseases

    Well, so I am actually improving my wife's health every night? One could say I'm a hero.
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    Extant Premiere Review: Surprisingly Solid Summer Sci-Fi

    The title of your article implied a review, not a spoiller fest. Thanks for giving away the entire first episode without even warning.
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    Sexy Characters

    I never thought before of iron bikinis as chastity belts. You gave me food for thought. What immediately springs to my mind are cosplaying girls, half naked, who get offended upon being ogled. You are a very deep character, Yahtzee.
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    The Big Picture: Summer's End

    Yeah, you know? I am kind of groing to the idea of bying Bob's book. Can't quite place why.
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    Miracle of Sound: Niko It's Your Cousin! (GTA IV)

    Your best in a long time! Awesome! Love it! Keep up the good work.
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    Xbox President Don Mattrick Leaving For Zynga - UPDATED

    Zinga and Mattrick deserve each other. And I had the feeling he would leave Microsoft, because he was the public face (and perhaps the driving force in the company) for the Xbone DRM and "average Joe focus" bullshit. When they were force to do the 180, he lost face and probably was being...
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    The Escapist Presents: Ouya Unboxing

    Ma'idah looks good in the video, and it is an unboxing (so it did what the title inferred), but I was hoping to hear the Escapist's opinion on the interface, hardware and games. Also, the music was not exciting, it was aggravating. I muted it. Too loud, in an attempt to make the video "exciting".
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    Escape to the Movies: White House Down

    Bob, I was gonna pass this one, but since you liked it so much, I'm gonna take the misses tonight on a movie date.
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    Microsoft Drops Xbox One DRM Restrictions - UPDATED

    If the rumor is true, than I say it probably is due to poor pre-order numbers. Only hard cash speaks louder than the voice of the masses.
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    XCOM's Sectoids Invade iOS This Week

    Release it on Android, and take my money!
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    EA Claims To Have No Problem With Used Game Sales

    Well, Activision first, now EA, both major publishers that seem to be taking a position of distancing themselves from Microsoft's misguided policies for Xbone. That's just peachy.