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    Fallout 4: Far Harbor Trailer Shows off New Locations, Weapons, and Enemies

    The release date you posted is for the mods on console. Far Harbor releases on all three platforms simultaneously.
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    Game of Thrones to the Big Screen? Don't Believe the Hype

    If you want to do a movie in Westeros, just make a trilogy about Aegon's Conquest. Problem solved.
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    Fallout 4's Script Is Bigger Than Skyrim And Fallout 3 Combined

    I'm curious, did having Geralt speak his lines break your immersion as well?
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    Bethesda: Our Factories Simply Cannot Make Any More Pip-Boys

    I see this sentiment posted a lot with regards to this particular product, and I wonder how many of you actually work in the manufacturing business? Very few of you, I would wager. I work in auto manufacturing, and there is such a thing as running at over capacity. The company I work for...
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    Sony Pictures Announces Animated Spider-Man Movie for 2018

    Say what you want about Sony's Spidey movies, but Spectacular Spider-Man was the best super hero cartoon ever. Ever ever. If this is even half as good as Spectacular, then I'm on board.
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    Sony Lets Bloodborne Trademark Expire a Day Before Its Release

    Taken hostage? So is Windows holding Civilization hostage? Is that how platform exclusives work?
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    Tekken 7 Announced at EVO 2014

    Well, if they keep making games for last gen, you'll never have any games that will make you move to the next gen.
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    Rockband May Make a Return for This Generation of Consoles

    They did? Funny, I remember five Guitar Hero games in two years, all sold at full price.
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    George R.R. Martin Dislikes Fans Questioning His Health

    No they aren't, the show will last seven seasons, and it will come to the same ending as the books. Probably travel different roads to get there, but we'll get an ending regardless of Mr. Martin's productivity. So no, HBO isn't sweating shit, the showrunners know where it all ends up.
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    Games Are Not Movies - Stop the Three Act Structure

    This applies to some genres, and some gamers, but not all of them. To kill the three act structure in all games is as shortsightedly arrogant as slapping it into every game. Some of my favorite experiences were linear narratives. Persona 4, Final Fantasy X, Uncharted, God Of War, etc. I'm...
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    What game(s) sold you on each of the consoles you own?

    Good thread, I can dig it. NES- It was given to me by my mom and dad, so nothing sold me on it. SNES- Super Mario World. Thank god I went with the SNES over the Genesis, otherwise I would've never discovered some of my favorite franchises, which would then inform my future purchases...
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    Do Sports Games Need a Story?

    Well I can't disagree with that opinion, I've certainly enjoyed his work. I do notice that his articles don't seem to garner much in the way of comment traffic, and I'm not sure why.
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    PS4: What you doing with it?

    My kids use it for Netflix, I've been playing Resogun and fiddling with AC4 here and there. Really, I'm waiting on reviews for Thief and the release of inFamous to dig in. Also, remote play is pretty solid, though it can get a bit laggy at times. Not deal breaking lag, but enough to cause...
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    Do Sports Games Need a Story?

    Outstanding read, and one I fear will be under appreciated here on the Escapist. Rivalries, tension, stress, exhilaration and many other emotions are what brings me back to the college/pro football season every fall. The shared experience of the games with my friends, the thrill of a tough...
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    HBO GO Coming to PlayStation Platforms

    If I'm already subscribed to HBO, why would I use this shit app? I'll just use my satellite's on demand function and watch through a much more stable delivery method in high definition.