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    Far cry 5 is the most boring game i have played in years!.

    Nope. The single best Far Cry is the first one. I personally think the second is the worst out of the bunch. It just shit the bed in all sorts of areas. 3, 4, and 5 are great because I loved the villains and the surrounding stories. Vaas is just a fun psycho. The villains in 4 are...
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    Tony Robbins and #MeToo

    I agree that it shouldn't be on the accused person to prove their innocence. However, there is one problem and that is while an accusation won't get charges, conviction, or an arrest, false accusations can ruin a person's life. I have a friend who is going through that since the middle of last...
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    Gaming Unpopular opinion

    The Last of Us is a mediocre FORCED stealth game that had a sloppy save system and didn't make sense in its own universe. The design is meant to force the player to play a certain way. I love stealth games but this just shit the bed. The game's design options were chosen and so there is a...
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    Ubisoft Says There's No Splinter Cell Game in Development Right Now, But That Could Change Soon

    Actually, you can play as super sneaky Fisher in Blacklist. I really liked the choice you were given. And on Perfectionist difficulty it felt like old Splinter Cell again I also am a fan of waiting four or five years. I would hate it if they pulled that yearly installment crap with this...
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    Report: Mass Effect Put on Indefinite Hold

    I'm with Vampwizimp... I liked it. Sure the first 10 hours were a drag but I found that to be true of Mass Effect as well, and I love that game. Once you meet the Angaran and the story picks up, it becomes a great game. I don't care for the facial animation during convos anyways. I care...
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    Steam's Refund System is No Substitute for a Prey PC Demo

    Now if only they would release good games then the demos may help. As it stands, games are constantly being patched because buggy messes are released, some to the point of being nearly unplayable. I would imagine an unpatched version of many games wouldn't have a positive effect on sales.
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    Nintendo on Supply Issues: "Sometimes we Get it Wrong"

    Baseball player has an even better time hitting. They get base hits 30% of the time and thats considered excellent
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    Toys To Life: Who Still Cares?

    I loved Skylanders but lost interest after Trap Team. I hated having to buy a new portal each time. It felt foolish and forced. Disney made one critical mistake regarding the games: the lack of allowing characters from one franchise to play in another. Skylanders worked because you could...
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    your game of the year so far

    Mass Effect: Andromeda. It's the only game from this year that I've played this year. I have RE7 and TLoZ: Breath of the Wild on deck to go at this point. Ask me when I've played more than one game this year from this year. If it hadn't been delayed again, I would have said South Park...
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    Ubisoft Drops the Banhammer on For Honor AFK Farmers

    I disagree with banning rubber banding the control sticks. If you make your game so fucking grindy and boring that using rubber bands on the controller is useful then so be it.
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    Nintendo Switch Game Saves are Stored on the Console, Can't Be Transferred

    I've hated save file control for years now. The 360 did it well (I don't care about cloud saves) by allowing memory cards for it. PS4 is the only one this gen. You have no control over your save on Xbox One. While I understand all the controls they have regarding the games these days, I...
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    Marathon Twitch Streamer Dies 20 Hours into Charity Stream

    Yep... and DVTs can happen after after 3 or 4 hours even.
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    Marathon Twitch Streamer Dies 20 Hours into Charity Stream

    Has no one here heard of a DVT??? The first post mentioned a blood clot. This being 20 hours into a session of immobility, doesn't seem surprising at all. I still find this sad because the individual was doing it for a good cause.
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    Games that haven't aged well.

    Nailed it. Although I would alter it to say everything that tried 3D from that era. The truth is growth is an ugly process.
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    Bipolar AMA

    Any ideas on what to do to help a friend if you are seeing them in a manic state. Also, what are the warning signs that I should look for in a person who has harmed themself before.