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    What are you listening to Escapists? (November 2017 Edition)

    Everything I listen to regularly is always part of a whole album (which I always add to my playlist), so this is just a short list of vague favourites. All of the albums the songs are on come recommended (according to my own taste). I mostly tried to put new discoveries before old favourites...
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    Eurovision Song Contest qualifiers

    I live in Finland and I reject the notion that we did it just to scare everyone. >:c Also, there are a few untraditional un-Eurovision songs at Eurovision sometimes. One of my favourite Eurovision songs was Norway's song in uhh...2005, I think? (Wigwam's "In My Dreams".) Oh and uhh...I...
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    Use the last letter

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    Finish the sentence...

    ...empty your loads, gentlemen! I am truly sorry for that addition, and now I...
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    Use the last letter

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    How do you apply start8 to windows 8?

    It applies all the settings in real-time, you don't need to confirm anything. Make sure you have "Show a start button on the main taskbar" enabled under "Desktop" so you actually see the Start button.
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    Keeping it in the Family: Let's Play Crusader Kings 2 Update 5

    I'm interested in following this, but I do think it should be re-located to the role-playing sub-forum, as a 'true let's play'. Not sure how this applies to video game LPs, so don't hit me if I'm mistaken. Also, the fact that you said you weren't sure about including the Byzantines and that...
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    Buying the same game on multiple platforms

    In large part, the games I won on multiple platforms is divided into two categories. Games I bought on the PS3, didn't find much interest in, and then later bought on a Steam sale Some examples include Deus Ex Human Revolution, Max Payne 3, Portal 2 and Red Faction: Guerilla. Deus Ex HR I...
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    I'm a PC gamer and I just got a hand me down PS3... what games should I play?

    The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption, the entire God of War series (mostly God of War HD Collection Volume 1 and God of War III (Ascension is cool too), though the PSP games in HD Collection Volume 2 are pretty swell too), inFAMOUS (and 2), Resistance 3 (haven't played the first two, but I loved...
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    The Unofficial Friendly Steam Trading Thread

    Those in the former paragraph all sound like old Humble Bundle games. Those in the latter paragraph, however, don't. I smell something fishy in heeere.
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    I'll put 'behaviour' and 'thoughts' under two different roofs. Also, I know you're set on thinking I'm not "well-adjusted" (though apparently we have very different outlooks on what that actually means in a societal context), then uhh..."to children who have little to no experience to know...
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    Okay. Let me clarify. Well-adjusted in the context of normal human society? Yup, I am, inarguably (even though I feel uneasy saying this, seeing as how arrogant is seems :l). Well-adjusted in a constructed fantasy world of code? Uhh...I guess you can say that I'm not, but it's like that for...
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    How well do you know the Escapist above you?

    I know they love that about it.
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    This or That

    Owl. I'd say bat because of Batman, but owls are so kooky. I love it. ...them. In-ear or over-ear?
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    The above taught me that ___

    Tumescence taught me that Neil Gaiman's vividly-imagined gay sex scenes are still oddly eloquent. Milk carton.