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    Are the Telltale Batman games worth it?

    Depends how much of a fan you are of a) Batman and b) Telltale's games. I'm a fan of both, so I enjoyed season 1. Haven't played season 2 yet, waiting to play all episodes together. I'd say for someone who likes Telltale but doesn't like Batman, skip it. As Batman is a famous character with...
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    your game of the year so far

    Gwent (closed beta). CD Projekt have taken the addictive minigame from Witcher 3 and added a ridiculous amount of tactical depth based on loads of new cards each of which have interesting special abilities affecting either friendly or enemy cards.
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    Gamers: What impresses/interests you most about a game?

    - Interesting story, characters and dialogue - Player can make choices which affect the story in a meaningful way - Quality voice acting - Combat system has tactical depth (can be real time or turn based, determined by the player having a wide range of weapons, abilities and gadgets, fighting...
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    When was the last time you couldn't finish a game cause it was too difficult?

    Xenonauts (its an indie version of XCOM). Apparently the official reboot of XCOM wasn't hardcore enough compared to the 90's versions (which I never played). Anyway, the only way I could make any progress at all in Xenonauts was the most extreme version of save scumming you can imagine. After a...
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    Games you play for the story and almost nothing else

    Another vote for Telltale's games. I do really, really, REALLY hope they decide to expand on the gameplay at some point. They have an amazing talent for storytelling, if they could match it with equal quality gameplay, their games could be truly special. I think Life is Strange showed an...
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    Favorite DLC of all time

    - Another vote for Blood and Wine, but also Heart of Stone was really enjoyable as well. - Skyrim's Dawnguard and Dragonborn, and Oblivion's Shivering Isles were all massive chunks of new content. - The Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises had some hits and some misses.
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    Okay, who the hell was praising Dragon Age Inquisition?

    Speaking as someone who rated Dragon Age Origins as my favourite game of all time until it was overtaken by Witcher 3, I was disappointed by Inquisition. Its better than DA2 I guess, but still average at best. I thought the story and characters were alright. This has always been Bioware's...
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    A new Batman Arkham game will be announced in March.

    As a fan of the TV shows, a Flash and/or Arrow game would be fantastic (assuming same quality level as Arkham Asylum/City).
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    Has your taste in video games ever changed?

    I used to mainly just play FPSes and RPGs, and whilst those genres are still my favourites, the rise of digital distribution, Steam sales and Youtube videos has encouraged me to branch out into new genres. Its so easy these days to watch videos of games that other people say are interesting, get...
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    What do you predict your 2017 "Game of the Year" will be?

    Mine is usually either an RPG, which means Mass Effect Andromeda is the early favourite, or an FPS, which could be Prey.
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    Poll: RPG Mechanics in non-RPG games.

    I think the main one that would annoy me is a mechanic that artificially worsens my aim in an FPS. I like to think I'm pretty good with mouse aim, so I'm not really a fan of missing shots just because my stats are bad. Example: the first Deus Ex.
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    I never played Mass Effect. Now Origin's giving it away MS 2 for free. Questions...

    The Mass Effect trilogy is somewhere in my top 5/top 10 games of all time. I strongly recommend you play all 3 games just because they're really great games. To answer your specific question, from a story point of view, I think you need to play ME1 to get the most enjoyment from ME2 and 3...
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    Poll: Do people even WANT sex in their video games?

    I think it all comes down to the talent and attitude of the developers. If they can animate the characters so the "action" is believable, and it serves a narrative purpose, sure, go for it. Just because some games might be poorly animated and gratuitous doesn't mean ALL games should avoid it. I...
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    So which games are you exicted for 2017?

    No particular order. - Resident Evil 7 - Torment Tides of Numenara - Mass Effect Andromeda - Guardians of the Galaxy - Battletech - Prey - Vampyr - Gwent I think these are the most likely games to be good, but I've also got about 30 or 40 other games on my Steam wishlist that I'm...
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    Games that Everyone loves, But you don't.

    Limbo. This game has a 94% all time Steam user rating from 21,210 reviews and 88% from professional reviewers on Metacritic. Widely regarded as one of those indie darlings. I played it a few months ago when the developers made it available for free on Steam. It was my least enjoyable gaming...