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    God damn, I love you Grey.
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    What I Hate So Much About You

    Hate is a strong word, but sure, I've had some serious trouble with PCs and consoles. My last PC died spontaneously, I think of a broken graphics card, and I went through a whole bunch of Xbox 360s before I got one that didn't just die in a month. I also kind of hate every time I turn my 360 on...
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    Poll: Would we all be cool with a female Link?

    Sure. I mean Link's a pretty blank slate so it's not even as if it would be that big a change.
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    Are Men Allowed To Be Offended?

    I'm losing my mind reading some of the posts in this thread painting straight white guys as the poor oppressed underclass of society. If you really believe this, take a hard look around you. Oh, and can we please stop using that awful Stephen Fry quote out of context?
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    Thinking about creating a blog

    There's plenty of sites out there that give good tips for new bloggers, but my number one tip would just be practise writing. Doing it early and often is the only way you're going to get better at it. As for topics, I think if you're passionate about what you do and really want to be a blogger...
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    Poll: Do you buy videogames to be part of the crowd?

    Nope and I wouldn't want to. There are plenty of popular games that a lot of people have been talking about over the past year or so that I just haven't bought.
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    RAGE QUIT!!! to the point of smashing your controller, monitor, keyboard, TV etc.

    Have we all done it? I've never come close to doing that and I don't think I know anyone who has.
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    "Gamers"- Are we a culture, or aren't we?

    Notice that the video outright denies that there's music culture, but your post mentions music cultures. Obviously not everyone who plays video games is part of a larger cultural movement, but among many games enthusiasts there are cultural reference points, in-jokes, commonly shared ideas...
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    Poll: Yahtzee changes joke in ZP video

    I wasn't offended by the joke, but I did think it was a rather exclusionary joke in a community and wider society that is already far too exclusionary to trans people. Good on Yahtzee for making the change.
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    Death of difficulty in games.

    Games have eased up in difficulty over the years, but I think games becoming more welcoming and requiring you to repeat fewer sections over and over has been a good thing, and I think to say there's been a death of difficulty in games is a huge exaggeration. As for opponents that can outsmart...
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    Should Feminism and Gaming Mix?

    Sorry, I don't think you get to strawman and attempt to invalidate the arguments of all feminists with regards to video games with that awful logic. While much of the gaming community may not be able to deal with it, feminism and gaming can and should mix.
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    The Big Picture: It Seems Today ...

    Good episode Bob. Personally I think Family Guy is a bit hit-and-miss. Jokes can feel forced, carry on for too long, or just be kind of gross, but it has its moments and there are absolutely a talented team of people behind the show.
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    The Big Picture: Brainiacs: The Once & Future Nerds

    Great episode Bob. There are too many baseless discussions about what a "nerd" is and too many times people are judged on whether they really "deserve" the "nerd" label, I think we need to face up to the fact that it's not a definition written in stone and that we should really be inclusive of...
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: The Straw Beast

    Both good stuff, although I really loved Jim's. It highlighted how ridiculous the response to Sarkeesian has been.
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    Jimquisition: Gamer Guys

    I fuckin' loved this one Jim, excellent use of Holmes as well.