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    New Modern Warfare 3 Screens Bring the Grey

    Uh, guys. A city that has been decimated by bombs and gunfire IS very grey-looking. To be honest, I would be disappointed if it wasn't grey. I could see if they were fighting in Candy Land and everything was dull-colored. THAT might be a tad contradictory. But this, this is fine with me. And...
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    Would You Pay Almost $60,000 For A Cell Phone?

    Hm, depends... what's the plan like?
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    If you had a son, what would you name him?

    Thor. Then I'd give him a mallet. Let's see those school bullies pick on him now.
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    GameStop Lists New Black Ops Limited Edition With DLC - Updated

    Well, I pre-ordered the thing about a year ago. So I've had it for quite some time and is therefore no use to me. But if you happen to be a part of the few people who haven't bought this game and are still interested in it, then the $45 worth of DLC will be a nice addition to the $60 of game...
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    CERN Scientists Capture Antimatter For Record 16 Minutes

    Why hello, BiscuitTrouser. Interesting name, I got a chuckle out of it. I promise I read your whole post but due to space which I hate to waste on a forum I only quoted some of it. :) Before I start replying may I say it's refreshing to hear someone politely debate online. The way of...
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    Are there any gamer geeks who actually are good-looking?

    I can say that I know a few very attractive gamers, but this whole conversation is really a moot point because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unless of course, we're talking about the modern stereotype of beauty that "most" people consider what beauty should look like. (Thin figure and...
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    CERN Scientists Capture Antimatter For Record 16 Minutes

    Whew, your response was so long so I just clipped a part of it to reply to. :) There are things that "the church" has been wrong about, yes. I dislike saying "the church" because it's such a broad term with there being so many denominations now and even then, the church that we know of the...
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    E3: Nintendo's New Console Is: The Wii U

    So, is the core the same? Still same graphics, software, and all? I thought that Nintendo might be putting out something a tad more powerful. You know, some people love the Wii and that's chill. But I could never get a great amount of entertainment watching a bobble-head that was supposed to be...
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    CERN Scientists Capture Antimatter For Record 16 Minutes

    Well in that case, I certainly hope they can pull it off! And although an anti-matter bomb would be really cool to watch, I wouldn't trust it to anyone on this planet. No thanks, disintegration is not on my to-do list. :p However, a anti-matter powered Mustang is more like it. Practicality...
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    CERN Scientists Capture Antimatter For Record 16 Minutes

    Hm, and I was under the impression that we got the silicon chip from reverse-researching Megatron... I better get my sources straight. :P I'm afraid I might have come across a bit too harsh. I DO promote science. I love science and think it's great. You're perfectly right when you said that...
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    CERN Scientists Capture Antimatter For Record 16 Minutes

    Hm, you have a point. But I can watch football and enjoy it. (Although I hardly ever get the chance as I don't have cable or any type of T.V. broadcasting.) I also have a choice to put money into football for merchandise or whatever people waste on football things. (I'm personally not that big...
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    CERN Scientists Capture Antimatter For Record 16 Minutes

    Other than a couple of vulgarities, :P I completely agree with you. This whole reality-space-time-continuum-vortex-portal-slip-wormhole thing is madness. Congratulations. You've captured atoms. Now tell me how we can use it practically or I'm never going to forgive you for how much money...
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    CERN Scientists Capture Antimatter For Record 16 Minutes

    I want to see it tested first on some far away space rock like Pluto. Nobody likes Pluto anyways. "Yes, Billy. When I was a kid we used to have a ninth planet called Pluto. But then we stripped it of its title and decimated it with a anti-matter ray. That's what the asteroid belt is made of...
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    Trailers: Metro: Last Light: Gameplay

    It's definitely worth considering further. Have you played the first one? It was hard but satisfying when beaten. I do hope they fix some of the shooting/AI/sneak mechanics though. From what I CAN see in this trailer, some of the weapons and most definitely the atmosphere all stayed the same...
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    E3: Microsoft Announces Halo 4 (and 5, and 6)

    You guys forget that this is a business. They make games to make money not to make you happy. However, unhappy people don't buy games. As far as I can tell though, the Halo series has never had a problem with sales or any profit dips. It's a cash monster and people buy it because they like it...