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    Bioware Says Anthem is "Science Fantasy" Like Star Wars, Not Hardcore Sci-Fi

    Not really, Mass Effect goes to a lot of lengths to explain how its technology and powers work. Everything centres around one principal idea and its all the ways that can be manipulated. That's pretty much the major trait of science fiction. Star Wars as great as it is, is basically "here's...
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    Fantastic Four Trailer Reveals Radical Re-Imagining

    This looked so dull and generic. Nothing in the trailer aside from a brief shot of a rocky "thing" doing something to suggest that this is a Fantastic Four movie. Plus who thought it was a clever thing to spell it FANT4STIC? It's not clever and it never has been.
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    Universal Porn Filter Coming to the U.K.

    Cameron decides to ban online porn, but refuses flat out to ban the Sun's page 3 girls because its the customers decision to buy the sun. Government logic at its finest.
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    So a black actor is considering role of Johnny Storm and nerdrage has turned racist again.

    I'm not fussed about a black actor getting a role but aren't the human torch and the invisible woman brother and sister? That seems like a really important bit of lore to just scrap for film. Are they going to make her black as well?
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    Ender's Game Trailer is Finally Here

    As far as I remember his politics isn't really present in the books at all. I'm hopeful this will be good, but the book is really dark and there is so much behind the scenes work in the book as Ender is viciously manipulated all the time. Plus I'd have thought it would be in two parts one for...
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    EA Really Doesn't Want to be The Worst Company In America

    Not really sure they can use the number of registered users for Origin to advocate its quality, considering in order to play games such as Mass Effect 3 you had to get an Origin account. Aside from the fact that I need it in order to play certain EA owned games that I bought elsewhere (including...
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    Mass Effect 3: It's not the endings, its the final battle (And synthesis)

    I agree whole heartedly with your points about the final battle. I still maintain that a Deus Ex Machina, lore altering god child is the worst thing to happen to Mass Effect though. What I would have done, was have no decisions for the finale. What the crucible did was based off of your past...
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    Now that Fallout 4 is being teased, what would you like to see in the next installment?

    Some sort of vehicle. You could even do quests for it, like finding the frame in a junk yard and you have to find the components for it. Customisation would be good, but a vehicle, it makes it easier to explore so you don't just fast travel everywhere. Also if you have companions again...
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    Science is based on faith?

    We know gravity exists (i'm not going to talk about evolution although that's equally valid as gravity). You can see there is a force keeping us on this planet, keeping this planet orbiting the sun. There is no room for doubt in this. We might discover some new aspect of it, but that still won't...
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    Creating a fantasy world...what do you like/dislike?

    If there's one thing I'm really tired of in fantasy and to an extent sci-fi. There is always a lost, hyper advanced and powerful civilization whose relics are the treasures of the current story. Game of Thrones: Valyria Lord of the Rings: Ancient Kingdoms of elves and men, as well as the...
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    This is why I hate "Fake Geek/Gamer Girls" The escapists very own Bob Chipman and Jim Sterling giving their opinions on this subject.
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    One Last look at Mass Effect 3.

    I really liked the Indoctrination theory. However what I would have done for the ending, was not have a choice at all at the end. I'd have had the final battle with all you allies then you activate the crucible. Depending on your decisions made through out the series would alter what it did...
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    Mass Effect being blamed for Connecticut shooting.

    People can't wrap their brains around the idea that certain people are capable of this. There was a case years ago, where two 10 year old boys kidnapped a two year old, stoned him to death and left his body on a train track. I know people that worked in the courtrooms for the case, one kid...
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    Would the gaming industry be better off without dlc?

    I think good DLC's are ones that use the game as a jumping off point or as a bonus for the player. So good ones are fallout 3 and skyrim DLC from Bethesda. Additional stuff they thought would be need to add after they finished the game and effectively act as a reason to keep intrest in the game...
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    Why do people reject evolution?

    Right Evolution is a theory which means it has the potential to be not 100% accurate. However certain theories have so much evidence supporting them, and have been consistently shown to be accurate for so long that even if new evidence came to light it would not change the theory to any...