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    EA: "If The Sims 4 Isn't Successful, There Won't be a Sims 5"

    So let me get this straight, you don't want to be the worst company in America again so you release a game with tons of features cut from it with every intention of selling them later as DLC. And if you don't sell enough of that game and its DLC to hit some target which I can only assume is...
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    EVE Online Dev Closes Its San Francisco Office, Loses Two Executives

    I might be wrong seeing as how I have not played Eve in a few years but is not making any more expansions really a good idea? Or are is the plan to make more small scale ones to make up for the lumping of new content?
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    Alien-Like Figure Spotted on Moon via Google Earth Map (Video)

    Half-Life 3 confirmed!
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    Gamers Uncomfortable with Change, Says EA's Peter Moore

    I was gonna say something but this is it. I would like to add how we don't like being sold unfinished broken "Services" as well.
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    Here's What Game of Thrones' Map Would Look Like If It Was Based in America

    Welp that makes me a Dornishman. Can't decide if that's a good thing or not.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Makes Its Debut

    Getting off the hype train before I arrive at the same sad, miserable buggy station that BF4 was/is? (Have not touched it or done anything with it in months). Might get back on if EA fixes its act.
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    EVE Online History Book Kickstarter Raises $95K

    So....what is the plan for all the extra money? Are you gonna print more copies to sell? Make a new edition every few years?
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Rocks "House of the Rising Sun" Launch Trailer

    How can a game with dual wielding sniper rifles AND a German version of House of the Rising Sun possibly go wrong? I think this is a "Shut up and take my money!" moment!
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    The Division Delayed Until 2015

    But don't worry! We have unconfirmed reports of the next Assassins Creed clone, Assassins Creed: Deliverance will be coming out on time for the PSP Go! At least Ubisoft is giving people time to finish games. Instead of just pushing half finished crap out the door like the norm. But I could be...
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    Xbox One to Get Kinect-Free Version for $399 in June

    Still don't think this will make people buy this VCR player. I am gonna laugh when people start to complain that they bought the launch one with Kinect and now they could have saved 100 bucks. Perfect example of reason to not buy console at launch!
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    Is Half-Life 3 really that anticipated?

    I want HL3. Keep hoping every Christmas for it to show up in my library just waiting for me. Not really waiting for it anymore though. Besides I am getting the feeling that anticipation for it is gonna give people the same false belief that Duke Nukem was gonna be the second coming or something...
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Trailer Pits Stealth Against Mayhem

    You know it will be awesome BECAUSE of dual wielding sniper rifles! I mean, lets be honest here. That just means your a twice as accurate!
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    Report: Resident Evil 7 to be Revealed at E3 2014

    I think this needs a "Hammer the Buttons and Wiggle the Sticks" reminder. Are you sure this dead horse needs another beating?
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    Mass Effect Meets Homeworld 2 in Modded Mash-Up

    I'm kinda feeling that Sins of a Solar Empire would have made a better platform for this. Love homeworld and all but I'm worried this wont live up to how massive that final battle was supposed to be.
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    Obsidian Entertainment Announces Free-To-Play Armored Warfare Tank Sim

    I liked the lower tier game of movement more than the higher tier game of spotting for arty rounds. But I'll be honest, it was the grind fest that really killed that game for me, not the gameplay itself.