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    Diablo 3 Beta Key Give Away

    If you take into account that PGems' value only really rose as a mass currency in the expansion due to crafting and the addition of charms (that can be re-rolled), then I can see why this question has the answer it does. However it's still misleading because a: Gold was never really considered...
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    Escape to the Movies: Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

    Yes, comedy is subjective .. but I bet I'm not the only one who got a laugh out of Bob's straight faced use of the word "Felliniesque" in relation to this turd. P.s. Bob, we don't need to hear the "slash" in writer/directer, actor/producer etc .. k? k. That way you can chop a few seconds off...
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    Diablo 3 Beta Key Give Away

    Hmmm. I would have said pgems were the first non-gold currency. Whatever tho. Great competition. Ta.
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    Escape to the Movies: Sucker Punch

    Very surprised he didn't mention Dawn of the Dead from Snyder's canon. Especially given how much he likes Sarah Polley. I loved it. Watchmen was awesome. If Zack can write, well ... this could be killer.
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    Review: Dead Space

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    Review: Dead Space

    " ... as half-heartedly exciting as watching your granny strip naked." What? Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Expendables

    Thank you Bob. You found a way into my heart when you proclaimed Robocop as one of your all time favourite films and then again by giving Gone Baby Gone it's due props. This review has sealed the deal - you're now officially my "main man" of film .. stuff.
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    Zero Punctuation: Borderlands

    :( I like Hudson Hawk. This game is dull though. Good call.
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    Unskippable: Dragon Age: Origins

    Missed "Prince Charles impression" opportunity at 04.30, maybe? :D
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    Movies that people say are bad but you can't help but like?

    Hudson Hawk. P.S. Starship Troopers should not be mentioned anywhere in this thread, since anyone who entertains the notion that it's anything less than genius (on a par with Robocop I'd say) ..... is clearly an idiot.
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode Four: Monster Date

    I find it difficult to imagine anyone having such extreme emotions as "Love" or "Hate" for this series. Ofc you're right; it's all subjective, ..I suppose. Such a lukewarm statement given that you've only just said "you either love it or hate it" ... but, whatever ... Wouldn't you rather...
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode Four: Monster Date

    Hmmm, yea..., farts and burps,...... soooooo creative. I too have been watching this since it's debut, hoping for something more but it just isn't gonna happen. There's no spark and just four episodes in the writing is reduced to farts and burps. In fact, I think the writer knows full well the...
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    Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill Homecoming

    "want me to wear the mask?" - hahaha, nice.
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    Games That Were Wrongly Ignored.

    Tetris Attack :D
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    The Tactical Shooter Genre

    I still play Ghost Recon multiplayer, it's still fun and there's some good players out there. A lot of my buddies have migrated to Urban Terror tho - it's supposed to be quite good but I've only played it once or twice. It's faster paced than GhR but there's a realistic/tactical element to the...