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    Extraordinary X-Men Face A Dark Future In "Apocalypse Wars"

    Sad to say, but Extraordinary X-Men has been dismal. Lemire's a good writer, but he's a bad fit for team books and his pacing has been wonky as hell on this one. He's also been hamstrung by having to take over the book after the writer Marvel originally lined up bailed, having an editorially...
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    Pillars of Eternity Unveils God-Forged Creatures, The Eyeless

    Hear, hear! And I'm ready to fork over cash for a sequel at any time.
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    Joss Whedon Officially Quits the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Probably the best for everyone. Whedon's a talented storyteller, but he's not great at killing his darlings, which is part of the job description when it comes to work-for-hire. When you're not holding the purse strings, the client's say-so comes before your artistic vision. Sucks, but that's...
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    Why You're Wrong if You're Mad at George R. R. Martin

    I'm not mad at Martin, but I read up to the fourth book, saw the writing on the wall, and dropped the series. I'll be happy to continue reading if I at any point regain confidence that it will ever actually be finished... but, as has been the case with no few other talented writers with poor...
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    Captain Marvel Will Become "Earth's First Line of Defense" in New Comic

    Just saw the previews and solits. It has Alpha Flight in it, so I'm on board. This can't do worse to the Alphans than that rotten limited series.
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    Leaving Megalopolis Sequel Takes Murdering Superheroes To Dark Horse

    The original was an alright done-in-one and I liked the ending, but I didn't come out of it interested in the setting or the survivors. "Superheroes go evil" is perfectly good plot hook, but it usually works better if there's some preexisting stake in the heroes or if the cast are really...
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    Brian Michael Bendis's X-Men Exit Comic Delayed Until October

    Marvel's Senior VP of PublishingTom Brevoort gives a different spin, making the book sound a lot less complete than Bendis seems to:
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    Indie Studio "Devastated" After Fake Pledge Derails Kickstarter Campaign

    It seems like there's been a rash of this behavior lately, particularly in indie game Kickstarters. Two projects that I've backed -- Elsinore and Herald -- have experienced the same thing: some jackass fraudulently pledging at the highest tier possible and Kickstarter having to yank the funds.
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    Dungeons & Dragons' Next Storyline is Rage of Demons, Features Drizzt

    I never got the appeal, tbh. Drizzt was rarely the most interesting character of the books he starred in. Even outside of Jarlaxle, what's-his-face the assassin, and that brother of Drizzt's who was smart enough to know he was fighting someone protected by plot armor, it seemed like there were...
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    About the Amazing Spider-Man, I Told You So

    Miles Morales would probably be the only way I'd be interested enough in another Spidey film to see one in a theater, honestly. I can wait for used DVD/Netflix for someone to take another swing at Peter Parker.
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    So You've Decided to Watch Law & Order

    I used to watch original L&O faithfully, and then Homicide: Life on the Street came along and ruined me for all other cop procedurals. Still miss the brief and shining era when it was Brisco, Logan, McCoy and Kincaid, tho.
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    8 Cancelled Games We Still Want to Play

    I'm still mourning the fact that that the Werewolf: the Apocalypse game got binned (the single-player one from forever ago, not the WoD MMO). If CCP put together a modest Kickstarter to give it another go, I'd probably risk it it.
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    The Big Picture: Secret Crisis

    I find voting with my wallet plus a few words to my LCS guy (the customer Marvel actually values) is the way to go. If you're looking for recs, my current faves from the alternate publishers are: Image: Lazarus...
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    BioWare Gives Out Dragon Age: Inquisition's Tavern Songs For Free

    Nice gesture, and smart of them. Folks who pre-ordered wouldn't be happy at having to pay to get the rest of the soundtrack, and it builds some goodwill after the plague of launch bugs.
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    The Big Picture: Secret Crisis

    I'd suggest giving Dark Horse, Image, Boom!, and IDW a try. They cover pretty much all the genres that just don't seem to work for Marvel and DC. As for SW...*shrug* I'm buying two books from Marvel solely on the basis of character loyalty. If those vanish in the aftermath of this event, I...