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    Investigating Overwatch's Stingy Loot System

    Overwatch loot boxes can contain duplicates. One of the issues with their system is that you can spend real money just to get 4 items you already own, which are replaced by credits one fifth the value of the item. This means instead of getting the 4 new items you paid to get, you get 4/5 of one...
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    Investigating Overwatch's Stingy Loot System

    And where did the term "Whales" come from for describing customers? That's right - CASINOS. Those lovely child friendly, family orientated bastions of societal good whose business practices of extracting funds from people we all want to expose our...
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    A Live-Action Detective Pikachu Movie is Coming

    "Of all the Pokemarts in all the world you had to walk into mine." "I've got electric type immunity!" *Throws bucket of water* "It's just been revoked" "Max Elixer. Shaken, not stirred"
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    What are your top 10 SP FPS campaign?

    Going purely off the best Single Player Campaigns: 1. Medal of Honor Frontline 2. Halo Combat Evolved 3. Star Wars Republic Commando 4. Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 (It has aged terribly, but when it came out- damn what a game!) 5. Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 6. DOOM 7. Sniper Elite...
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    Bethesda Isn't Working on Elder Scrolls 6 "At the Moment"

    My _Object__ has been lost/stolen/ran away to __Location__ Can you retrieve it? I require Many of ___Common Object___ and will pay you a useless token amount for every 1 you bring to me. Go to __location__ and kill the leader of the raiders/bandits there. There you go. Every secondary...
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    Mass Effect 3's Ending Won't Affect Andromeda

    Of course Bioware aren't... the EA executives that hold onto their leashes are! More off topic: Geez, do you remember when the biggest issue splitting the videogame world was the Mass Effect 3 ending? No gamergate, no Social Justice, no feminism, just pure videogame issues, and we got so...
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    How the hell has the gaming industry still not embraced extras in games?

    The Lord of the Rings Return of the King videogame had awesome little behind the scene movies that you had to unlock by getting a high enough score in the levels, they had the actual actors interviewed and giving commentaries and stuff: They were awesome, but then it was a movie...
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    Report: Microsoft is Prepping an "Xbox 1.5" For 2017

    Wait, what happened to all the "Xbox One Cloud" stuff that was promised would close the Xbox One power gap. If it had 3 times the power why are they selling an extra uprade for a similar power increase. But wait... 4 TIMES MORE POWERFUL! WITH NO LIMIT! And here's more: Any game...
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    "Young Han Solo" Movie to Start Filming Next January

    Clearly it's going to be Shia Labeouf. There's a precedence set and everything!
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    Why Captain America must be evil, and black, and gay, and muslim and...etc. etc. etc.

    There is always outrage in a fandom when the authors change a key part of their story, whether for good reasons or bad reasons. We've seen this with the changes to superhero characters in recent comics and movies, but change is present in pretty much every franchise. We have seen new...
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    Need help building a Druid for D&D 3.5

    It's a 50 foot tall unstoppable giant reptile monster based off Godzilla He likes death, destruction, long walks on the beach and the annihilation of everything in range (Which is a lot because he's massive)
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    Need help building a Druid for D&D 3.5

    Make your animal companion a Tarrasque. Just put it down on your sheet and see if the DM notices.
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    Could The Dude Defeat the entire Avengers?

    Something tells me that the Dude and Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury would get along excellently. You just know that between movies Fury commandeers the helicarrier bridge, sets the control to auto-pilot, lights a spliff and cranks up the Creedence.
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    More Battlefield 1 Info: Server Browser, Weapon Attachments, and More

    So a bayonet or... a larger bayonet? Rank up to level 50 and unlock the bayonet with a bit of cloth round the handle SUPER!
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    Level scaling, why is this a thing?

    I really loved the way Prince of Persia Warrior Within handled leveling - You started off with a few simple enemies (crows and weak goat-people demon things) that were difficult because all you had to fight them off was literally a stick, as you progressed you found better and better swords that...