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    #006: Feedback

    Verisimilitude is the word you're looking for.
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    Your Greatest Achievement of the Year

    Got a job, finally. Wooed the love of my life. On the flip side, drifted away from two of my closest friends, because they hated each other and i got caught in the middle. So I'm not sure if it's a very good year or a very bad one.
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    The Most Dangerous Woman in Videogames - Anita Sarkeesian

    I literally just looked it up because of your post, and the original goal on the kickstarter was a much more reasonable 6,000. The reason she ended up exceeding that goal by so much was the media s#%@storm. You know what they say, bad publicity is good publicity. That said, I haven't...
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    If you had to invest a trillion dollars

    "Not-for-profit banks" exist. They're called credit unions <.<
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    Endgame: Syria Updates the Civil War

    I just want to go ahead and say that I agree that this column is one of the best on the Escapist.
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    Favourite Final Level?

    I'm going to go with an unpopular opinion and say Resident Evil 5. I actually had a whole hell of a lot of fun with Wesker's final multi-stage boss battle, and me and my friend were doing our first run together on co-op and figuring out what to do and fighting him was a lot of fun. The sheer...
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    Escape to the Movies: Elysium

    I feel like this review revealed WAY too much about the movie...
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    Every Game Ever

    Were you thinking of Borderlands 2 when you wrote this?
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    Blizzard Halves Mists of Pandaria Price for Patch 5.2

    Just for the record, if you're talking about the type of person that knows they'll be playing a lot of wow, they're probably buying six months of time in one go instead of one month increments. So it's actually only 60$ a year. Just for the record.
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    Scams you've encountered

    Ok, true, still not a scam. My brother worked for them for a while, and was actually doing quite well for himself. He quit because he didn't like being a salesman, but calling them a scam is flat out wrong. The knives are incredibly good.
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    Scams you've encountered

    That's not a scam, that's called working for commission.
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    Things that film makers and writers do that piss you off.

    What you did there. I see it. It makes me laugh.
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    Favourite alcoholic beverage?

    Oh boy! An Irish Car Bomb is my favorite drinks, hands-down. You take a mug with a full Guinness in it, and a shot glass, which you fill with half Bailey's Irish Cream and half Jameson Whiskey. Then you drop the shot into the Guinness and chug it as fast as you can. The speed is important...
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    Awkward Male/Female Questions

    Honestly, if that was his exact phrasing, it sounds like he might have self-esteem issues. Like he thinks that you're too good for him.