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    Is Street Fighter Sexist/Racist?

    Speaking as a man who grew up with the Street Fighter series my whole life and a devoted fan, I can at least admit what you say is a valid sentiment, don't let anybody tell you otherwise. I recognize that the characters are all stereotypes for the most part, but this was a product of the...
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    The peope in GTA Online are horrible!

    Remember that a multitude of the fans of this game made death threats and spam attacks on reviewers who didn't rate it as the greatest game ever made, you should have known the risks going in. However, most of this sounds like unfair griping. Just because people you are sharing a mission...
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    Jimquisition: To Play The Villain

    I guess I can see Jim's point about wanting to play someone irredeemably bad, I don't personally have a desire to explore real evil though and that's what made me skip on Saint's Row 2 and GTA5. I work with politicians on a near daily basis in a highly corrupt state. Evil and irredeemable is...
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    Oh wow, I agreed with your sentiment but I felt the new joke was kinda lame. Now now that I know the historical context it actually seems funnier than the original!
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    Movie Defense Force: Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

    Perhaps The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen might be a good one to do. Even as a kid I realized it was dumb but it was still interesting in some ways, even if it does stray from the comic book severely.
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    Poll: Has a game made you cry?

    Do you mean John's last mission or his son's last mission?
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    I think I'm about to be dumped.

    Someone give this man a medal. This is it exactly--short, succinct and honest. If she wants to stay with you, I wish ya all the best, mate. Otherwise, you're young and this shit'll pass. It may hurt for a bit, but trust me life goes on.
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    So, what causes a guy to go on a nutty killing spree?

    According to the NRA, video games made him do it.
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    League of Legends Beginner

    I recommend learning Tryndamere early. Tryn will dominate beginner games but drops off hard in usefulness once you get to the 20s and 30.
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    What is your favorite beer?

    Atta boy!
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    What is your favorite beer?

    Erdinger, Bellhaven, Newcastle, Blue Moon, Shock Top. In that order.
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    How to get rid of a Black Hole.

    Magnets. Problem solved.
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    Which is your favourite God?

    Pelor, or course. When it comes down to it, nobody beats the Shining One!
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    If a company doesn't provide a demo for a game is it ok to pirate it?

    Of course its not ok, what kind of self-serving iD reliant person would rationalize themselves being justified robbing someone just because they weren't given a smaller version of the product already?
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    "Wait, how is that offensive?!"

    I can't say with total certainty from searching the internet, but from what I can tell, the Dutch word "Donder" is not offensive. However, the phrase "Donder Op" is equivocal to English's "Bugger Off" or its other variations "Piss Off" or "Fuck Off". If this is the case--correct me if I'm...