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    A new Star Wars happened, and opinions are released upon us like nibbling hounds demanding biscuits

    Question how did Han and Finn jump with the falcon into atmosphere if it is now established that real-space effect objects in hyperspace? Shouldn't they be burnt up or worse? Not to mention the awesome capabilities of having ftl cannons and how that would shit upon any fleet.
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    Best of British Comedy

    Red dwarf That is all.
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    Prepare For the Uprising

    The problem with that is that Jagers are very much a strategic level threat. Tanks are useful at a tactical level to hold ground and support troop movement. There is literally no more escalation after Jagers other than Nuclear and one could easily posit that Jagers and Nuclear weapons are on the...
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    Trying to get a cheap PC, slightly above par with current-gen consoles (PS4). Could anyone help me?

    You could try logical Increments For a basic look on what you could by. Gives estimates on prices and performance on common games.
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    Overlooked Films

    Whale riders is about maori's. As someone who is a fan of Ender's game I am actually glad that the film is overlooked as I believe it doesn't do any justice to the source material. As for underrated films 'Boy' from Taika Waititi I have never heard discussed outside New Zealand.
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    Yooka-Laylee Review - Banjo-Threeie

    Under the gaming section you can see a link to his steam profile (which is this if you are lazy which quite clearly shows 2.2 hours of game time. Now i'm not going to say anything about game time because he could of quite easily of played the game through...
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    Overwatch's Closed Beta Returns in Feb With New Game Mode

    If it follows the theme (of tf2 game modes *cough*). I predict the next game mode to be 5cp or ctf. Maybe even special delivery/robot destruction.
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    Mozilla gives 15k to remove "Slave" from build bot documentation

    I know im a bit late to the party (the blog post was on the 10th). But mozilla awarded 15k to a project in order to "... remove the term "slave" from all documentation, APIs and tests, and also to make improvements so Buildbot works better in the Amazon EC2 cloud". Relevant blog post Please...
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    Congress Passes SPACE Act To Support Asteroid Mining

    Where does it say that? I read the space treaty and no where in the text does it ever say anything along those lines.
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    TF2 players, what's your loadout?

    i always play spy so here is my load out ambassador, default knife and cloak and dagger
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    Scariest way to die in a game.

    when playing minecraft i get shit scard when i hear a sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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    What do normal people do in their spare time?

    no its one of my CBF days and also my dads birthday so it would kinda be disrespectful to go off with my fiends and also everyone has the right to be obese but i wouldn't endorse it
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    What do normal people do in their spare time?

    we consider ourselves above mere exercise
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    THE Game That Defined Your Childhood

    The Simpsons: Hit & Run i loved this game so much clocked it countless times.