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    Your Weird Phobias?

    I had the same problem, well I still don't enjoy it in real life, but I had to get over the fear of water when I started playing Monster Hunter Tri. It was alright at first when I knew the only thing in there was Epioth and Ludroths, it was when the Lagiacrus swam in that I started freaking out...
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    Hero's of the Storm. Blizzard meets MOBA

    I did a quick search and didn't pull up anything on this yet, so I thought I'd post it. To anyone who is interested in any of the following games. LoL, HoN, DoTA, Warcraft/World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo. There is a game Blizzard is currently working on called "Heroes of the...
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    Help! Is it legal for managers to take staff's tips?

    Yeah, I'm in Australia to, I've never seen anywhere that actually accepts tips, I have had tips offered at work, but we don't take them. I believe that we get paid a bit more than American's so we don't need to collect tips.
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    Poll: If games cost $69.99 next gen?

    $70 for a new gen game, I would love that if it was AUS dollar! The absolute cheapest I can find for new release games is $80, but at some places you can be paying $100 - $120
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    Games you like starting, but hate finishing

    I'm the the same with the Total War games,I enjoy starting off and getting a good economy and military going, but then when freaking Austria and it's 2 protectorates decide to declare war on me and constantly pummel my army turn after turn, it get's annoying. And it's the opposite for Elders...
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    Far Cry 3 and The Rape of Jason Brody

    i don't think there was any actual penetration between Jason and Citra, he had pants on which he never adjusted or anything and she was still wearing her skirt (and presumably underwear).
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    The genre you never really cared for

    Racing games and Sport Games. I don't like either of them in real life so it seems to extend to video games as well. Although I did enjoy playing Blood Bowl.....but that's a bit different to normal sport.
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    Pokémon: Any other "shiny virgins" out there?

    Nope, played all the pokemon except for gen 5 (not a hater, just never got it). and no shiny pokemon ever.
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    So, other single people, what are your plans for febuary the 14th?

    That GIF is from Kermit's reaction video to 2 girls 1 cup.....
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    Halo 4 is an abomination

    Me and my friends enjoy playing big Lan parties with it, so it sits well with me.
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    You are a gladiator

    Equipment wise, I would use the same as a Retiarius, (Net fighter), some form of polearm, a net and a dagger. My name would probably be the same as my Username, or more likely "The Insanity" and my theme song would defiantly be indestructible by Disturbed...
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    Should we have more pirate games?

    After a little looking around, the Pirates of the Carribean game is what I was talking about in the original post, may have to dig it out and play it again.
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    Should we have more pirate games?

    So while listening to some Alestorm earlier, I realised that there seems to be a lack of pirate games, in fact I can only think 2 pirate games I've ever played. The 1st is "Overboard" for the original playstation (Me and my brother had lots of fun with that) and the 2nd is....well I don't...
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    Those sneaky mimic chests...

    In Dark souls, I just attacked every chest I saw, before I even know about the mimics....
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    Texas Trick Shot Pros Make the Craziest Video Ever

    I wonder how many balls they take up with them.