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    Platinum Games Wants All of Its Games on PC, But Publishers Say No

    The things I'd do for Vanquish on the PC...
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    Atlus Issues Threat to Players who Stream Too Far Into Persona 5

    Did they just spoil Yosuke's appearance in their warning about streaming too far ahead because of spoilers?
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    Blizzard Says D.Va Nerf Gives Her "More Legitimate Counters"

    Wait they think D.Va has no weaknesses? Fucking what? What about her critbox which is basically the entire front of her body? Roadhog's chain goes through her matrix and can shred her in like 2 shots. Reaper just eats her. Yes she can run away... but that's kind of what she does. Jump in...
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    You Can Now Pre-Load all 80 GB of Gears of War 4 on PC

    That's almost half my monthly cap of 200gb. Good sweet christ...
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    New 4K Mass Effect: Andromeda Shots Released Alongside N7 Day Tease

    So how's the game look on a regular PS4? They release any screens of that yet?
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    You Can Play Virtual Fighter 5, Chat up Cam Girls, in Yakuza 6

    It's pretty depressing that the only way we get any Virtua Fighter stuff these days is through other games. :(
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    Injustice 2 Apparently Confirmed by Poster Leak and Ed Boon Tweet

    I hope it's not region-locked like Injustice 1 was. Or like MKX on the PS4. Only the PS4 too for MKX. The fuck was with that?
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    Live Action Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trailer Lays Out Mechanical Apartheid

    Why don't they just take the augments from the people? I mean yeah I'm sure there's quite a few where they can't do that easily, but like for that lady why not just take off her arm? It could still work fine in the context of the video. People coming at you and just taking parts of your body...
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    Play of the Game

    he can be infuriating. Makes it all the more satisfying when I chain him as roadhog. Though it's still usually him in potg or trobjorn putsing about while his turret kills everyone.
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    First Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer Features Leap of Faith, Jarring Music

    And this is what it looks like with music from the actual games. From 2 I think. Like, jesus guys, the games have great music. MAKE USE OF THEM.
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    Quantum Break PC Crashes Need a Windows 10 Update to Fix

    This related to the fact that DX9 games can only access 4gb of VRAM on windows 10? How about an update for that too please. Pro-tip to anyone upgrading to Windows 10 save the windows 7 files it keeps to somewhere safe so you'll always have a way to revert back after it deletes them after 30 days.
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    Game series you want to see revived, but won't ever happen (probably)

    Timesplitters. I would love another Timesplitters. Hell I'd settle for an HD version for the PS4/Xbone/PC I just want Timesplitters back :( Oh also Onimusha. That'd be sweet.
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    The Divison PC Port Was Kept "In Check" With Consoles, Says Ubisoft

    So does that mean they're going to install Uplay on all consoles and force console users to sign up for it to play the game as well? You know, to keep them in line with the PC release?
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    Mirror's Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Announced for PC, PS4, Xbox One

    But... it sold as well as Dead Space. Both games broke 1 million copies sold around the same time. Why is Dead Space considered a success while Mirror's Edge considered unsuccessful when they sold roughly equally?
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    Mirror's Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Announced for PC, PS4, Xbox One

    Why does this game need a closed beta? Why does this closed beta need a persistent online connection? Why is the trailer full of expensive drama, booming orchestras, and explosions? Where's the jumping around on clean rooftops and fun soundtrack the original had? Do... do I really want to...