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    Gabe Newell thinks Windows 8 will be a catastrophe?

    8 is gonna be scary. Why? It looks like the layout of a touch screen, that's why. So fuck Microsoft and thank god I have a solid understanding of Linux.
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    Series That You Loved That Were Prematurly Cancelled

    Yeah so Firefly, of course. Besides that, what about White Collar? It was the most random show but it wasn't that bad. Oh and here's for random shit, what about that show Reaper? That show was the shit for like all two seasons.
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    Things besides guns we should ban to give ourselves the delusion of safety

    In order to keep the peace and prevent any more "tragic" accidents (stabbings, shootings, lynchings etc.), I say Xbox Live bans children under the age of 15 from playing anything with a mic. This, my research suggests, shall significantly decrease the number of homicides, both intentional and...
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    Notch in No Hurry to Bring Minecraft to Steam

    Bullshit. I can't think of anything else to say. I mean, Notch put MC on XBLA but he won't touch Steam? I just think he's trying to maintain some kind of edge over Valve but even that doesn't make much sense. In short, Notch is a fucking liar and a bad one at that. Maybe we don't know his...
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    We should forgive Bioware.

    How's this? They get their shit together and then I buy their games. Simple enough. And if they never make a game with Bethesda. Ever.
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    State Department Proposes "Trolling" Web-Based Islamic Extremists

    One day, trolling shall replace all standing armies... Okay probably not but it would be rather hilarious. Instead of a massive budget spent on tanks and fighters, it'll be used to buy Hotpockets and Doritos for the boys out there fighting for democracy. Some fat guy in his mother's basement...
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    EA Joins Gay Marriage Coalition

    ... So now I should like EA? Fuck it, if EA wants people to like them then they're going about this all wrong. Yes it's all nice and sweet that they support gays and whatnot but at the end of the day, they're still a shitty company. It's not like them supporting homosexuals will suddenly make...
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    Blacklist Adds Moral Grey to Splinter Cell

    Too bad you can nuke the fuck out of enemies when shooting gets boring. But seriously, if this had been a stealth-shooter done right, I would be excited. Unfortunately, it's gonna be Conviction 2.
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    "Science: It's a Girl Thing" Says Controversial Ad

    Haha, I laughed. I think the idea the creators are trying to present is that no matter how women act, men will always assume they want something inconsequential, like makeup. Oh, and women think a tube lipstick is synonymous with an "I". Hence my initial reaction.
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    Poll: Breast feeding

    I don't see the problem, how can anybody even pretend to give a shit? "Wow, that woman is feeding her helpless infant in plain view. I'm so terribly offended." Yeah, still don't get it. Maybe it's because I have an easy disposition but I just can't see how it affects, literally, anyone...
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    Origin Boss Says Steam Sales "Cheapen Intellectual Property"

    "Wait, do you think everyone has the intelligence of a four year old? Yes? Okay give them this press release." - The guy who wrote this shit I still don't understand the logic though. If I want a game, I buy it. If I don't, I won't get it... Unless it's on sale. EA is either A) fucking...
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    E3: Kill With Voice Commands in Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    You know what would be truly kickass? If they installed a detector that could determine the age of the speaker and mute them accordingly. Based on pitch. Xbox live would be so peaceful. You're much too reasonable too be thinking about Ubisoft. Seriously, consider what you want them to do and...
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    Green Lantern is Gay

    And I'm sitting in my chair, at my desk, shaking my head at the laziness. I mean, fuck it, make a gay character. Nobody really cares save the gay community and religious people. Sure it's for polar reasons that they care but regardless, the majority of people just don't care. That said, fuck...
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    One Million Moms Fights Gay Superheroes

    Personally, I don't care if DC made a gay superhero. I won't say I'm for it due to me not giving a damn but that doesn't me I agree with this plan. I do have a problem with people rewriting characters to fit public agenda. They do it all the time and it's fucking annoying. Every time they want...
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    Guy Ties Up 4-Year-Old So He Can Play Videogames

    I'm glad to see another video game player is being mercilessly portrayed as a child abuser because he plays video games. Prosecutor: So, sir, do you play Grand Theft Auto often? Howe: Well, I, uh, what do you mean? Prosecutor: Do you, Mr. Howe, play the violent video game created by...